PPCT-sponsored puppy ‘a delight’ say Dogs For Good socialisers

Read the latest update on Juno

Dogs for Good black labrador puppy

We’re excited to give you an update on sponsored puppy, Juno, who has settled in well with her Dogs For Good socialisers.

Dogs for Good logoPetplan Charitable Trust pledged £14,000 to support the lively (and very cute!) Labrador x Golden Retriever through her training to become an assistance dog. This was made possible by animal lovers like you who donate to the Trust.

Juno is a special sponsored puppy as her mum, Elsa, is one of Dogs For Good’s own brood stock. The charity currently has 12 broods that live in volunteers homes and are cared for according to the highest welfare and breeding standards. Each brood will have a maximum of four litters before retiring. Once they’ve retired they will continue to live with their volunteer family as a pet dog.

Juno is now living with puppy socialisers Mike and Penny in Oxfordshire who performed the same role for Elsa.

‘Within an hour she was investigating everything with complete confidence’

“Having previously socialised Juno’s mum, we waited with anticipation for Juno’s arrival, and she did not disappoint!” says Mike. “Within an hour, she was investigating everything with complete confidence and already showing the strong character that we are getting to know and love.

“Juno is clearly a very bright dog and she learnt her new name and some basic commands within a day or so. She is particularly fond of her collection of toys, which have been a huge help while we waited for the end of her ‘vaccine isolation’. Now twelve weeks old, she is already walking well on the lead, and she is a delight!”

Find out more about Juno, here

Juno is not the first Dogs For Good puppy that we have sponsored. Sailor, also a black labrador, is now fully trained and busy performing his assistance dog duties! You can find out more about him, here

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