PPCT sponsors puppy to be trained as assistance dog

Watch this adorable video of Juno and her siblings

juno black labrador puppy lies on carpet

Petplan Charitable Trust is sponsoring a labrador puppy through her training to become an assistance dog.

We’ll be following adorable black labrador puppy, Juno, as charity Dogs for Good puts her through her paces. But right now, she’s still getting used to being a puppy! Check out the video below.

“Even at such a young age, Juno will start to show some of the characteristics needed in a fully trained dog: confidence, an interest in people and in playing,” explains Allison Allen, Trusts Manager at Dogs for Good.

A secure start in life filled with love

Juno will begin by spending a year living with puppy socialisers Mike and Penny. They are part of a team of dedicated volunteers who ensure the charity’s working dogs get a secure start in life filled with love. Their key role is to ensure each puppy has lots of experience of the world around them. Juno’s early training will be overseen by Mike and Penny’s dedicated Puppy Corodinator.

“All our puppy socialisers are very committed and give their puppies endless time, love and attention, ensuring they have the best possible start,” says Allen.

black labrador puppy cuddles older golden labLabrador puppy Juno has an exciting year ahead

When Juno leaves Mike and Penny, she will be a confident, happy and social dog, ready for the next stage of her development.

“Juno has an exciting year ahead, with lots to learn and plenty of love and cuddles with her new family,” adds Allen. “It is early days and we cannot predict how her personality and behaviour will develop, but with the love and support of Mike and Penny, their family and the team here at Dogs for Good, she has every chance of success.”

Juno isn’t the first Dogs For Good puppy to be sponsored by PPCT. Meet Sailor, here

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