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Petplan Charitable Trust awards grants for the benefit of the health and welfare of dogs, cats, horses and rabbits.

There are two grant rounds each year – WELFARE and SCIENTIFIC. Last year, the Petplan Charitable Trust awarded over £850,000 in grants to animal welfare charities and institutions both in the UK and abroad. You can find out about some of the many projects we support, here.

How to apply

If you’re a charity or scientific institution, you’re invited to register with us as part of the grant application process. (Please fill in the form below.) Once you’ve created an account you can access a link to the online grant application form. You can also find out more about the grant application process and download our terms and conditions. You can log back into your account at any time to check for notifications from the Trust including application deadlines.

Applications for WELFARE grants are now CLOSED. 

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Applications for PUMP/PILOT grants are now CLOSED.

Applications for INITIAL SCIENTIFIC grants are now CLOSED.

The next round of grants will announced in the autumn.


The Petplan Charitable Trust will support studies on natural disease conditions in companion animals, to prevent their occurrence, provide a cure or eliminate suffering.

Its support is limited exclusively to clinical studies which involve no invasive procedures.

The Trust will under no circumstances make grants for studies that use experimental animals.

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IMPORTANT: Please ensure that you read, understand and comply with the Trust’s terms and conditions before applying.


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