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PPCT funds rabbit accommodation upgrade at Scottish SPCA

A grant from Petplan Charitable Trust is making a real difference to rabbits rescued by Scottish SPCA. Scottish SPCA were looking to improved the quality of their rabbit accommodation at their Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Edinburgh. “Rabbits often arrive into our care in poor health and can be carrying disease,” explains the charity’s Trusts Officer, Cheryl Reid. PPCT donated £7,000 towards the project which has transformed their rabbit accommodation. Old, wooden hutches have now been replaced with 17 new, washable units, which were custom-built to fit in the existing rabbitry. “The new hutches are easy to clean and… Read more »

How your donations are helping rescue ponies to spread kindness

A PPCT donation of £7,000 has been helping to cover the care costs of rescue ponies on the Hugs Foundation youth well-being team. The rescue ponies share their non-judgemental kindness with children and young people who are struggling with mental health issues. The gentle patience of these animals seems to work like magic, with parents reporting huge changes in their children’s well-being and behaviour. One parent reports: “Emma was almost completely non-verbal by the time we got her there. She wouldn’t speak for days on end and would get upset if we pushed her to talk. Being with the Hugs… Read more »

Dog thrown over wall at Freshfields Animal Rescue finds her forever home

A dog who was thrown over the carpark wall at Freshfields Animal Rescue has found a loving, forever owner right on her doorstep. Mimi, a shi tzu, was understandably terrified when she was found by a Freshfields Animal Rescue staff member as they began their morning shift. She was in a dreadful state, very dirty and with her fur so matted she could not see properly (see image below). Staff at the charity’s kennels spent many hours working with Mimi to gain her trust. Bit by bit, she began to respond but it was clear that she was struggling to… Read more »

PPCT supports Peruvian project to help improve animal welfare

PAWS, the Peru Animal Welfare Society, is working to reduce the suffering of free roaming animals in the city of Cusco and surrounding villages. Founded by Globalteer, the PAWS project is also working to tackle the underlying issues that contribute to their numbers. The focus in 2022 has been on people as well as animals. PPCT was delighted to support this initiative with a grant of £7,980. “We have provided educational projects in 32 locations,” explains Jim Elliott, General Manager at Globalteer. “This includes dog training in the villages. Our trainer works with the children and adults to teach them… Read more »

New star accommodation for New Start Cat Rescue

The furry residents at New Start Cat Rescue are enjoying purrfect accommodation thanks in part to a donation from Petplan Charitable Trust. The new outside pens have both light and power, making them suitable for use all year round. This has allowed the charity to help more cats than ever before to find their forever homes. “After moving into our new premises, we have managed to increase our capacity from 6 pens to 16 so far with more to be finished,” explains Trish Duncan at New Start Cat Rescue. “While our original plan was to ensure each pen had only one… Read more »

HAPPA-ness for the rescued horses at Shores Hey Farm

The rescue equines at HAPPA (Horses and Ponies Protection Association) are now enjoying upgraded accommodation thanks to a grant from Petplan Charitable Trust. We were delighted to support HAPPA with the improvements to the roof of three stables and attached supporting buildings at Shores Hey Farm. The stables, which are part of the original farm buildings, have been home to many rescued horses and ponies since the charity moved to Shores Hey Farm in 1984. Having stood the test of time for many years it became inevitable that repairs would eventually mean replacement. The £10,660 grant has allowed the charity… Read more »

PPCT-sponsored assistance dog Kahn aces his training

PPCT has been proudly sponsoring the training of assistance dogs for a number of years in partnership with Dogs For Good. Many of you will be familiar with Juno through our newsletters, social media posts and news stories. Although Juno was a wonderfully natured and intelligent dog, the difficult decision was taken to remove her from the training programme. She was just too sociable! She is now happy and settled in a loving home. Enter black Labrador x golden retriever Kahn who spent the first 12 months of his life with one of the charity’s volunteer Puppy Socialisers. With the… Read more »

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home launches Dog Care Clinics

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home prepares to launch Dog Care Clinics. The initiative has been supported with a donation from Petplan Charitable Trust. “Thank you ever so much once again for the £5,000 granted to Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home in 2022,” says Karlyn Robertson, the charity’s Development Manager. “These funds have allowed our team to create and begin to implement a new plan to support pet owners in the community.” The charity has a history of outreach with their Canine First Aid clinics. They also support 2,600 pets every month through their pet food bank. However, food is only part… Read more »

PPCT donates £10,000 to Bristol Animal Rescue Centre

Petplan Charitable Trust has donated £10,000 to Bristol Animal Rescue Centre to support their outreach clinics. The charity runs two outreach clinics in Lawrence Weston and Knowle West. They provide access to veterinary care for pet owners on lower incomes. “We’re delighted to have received a £10,000 grant from PetPlan to help fund our Outreach clinics,” says Anna O’Dell, Fundraising & Communications Manager at Bristol Animal Rescue Centre. “We’ve been helping, healing and homing Bristol’s vulnerable animals since 1887, and our outreach services are a vital part of the work that we do by offering free and low-cost treatment to… Read more »

Charities and military gather to remember animals who serve and suffer in conflict

Petplan Charitable Trust held our annual remembrance service at the Animals in War memorial in Hyde Park on Thursday 10th November 2022. This was the first proper gathering since 2019 and we were delighted to see so many representatives from animal rescue charities and the military take part. Jenny Seagrove laid a wreath on behalf of horse rescue charity, Mane Chance. Renowned actor Sir Derek Jacobi spoke at the event. Best-selling author Jilly Cooper also laid a wreath. She was the driving force behind the creation of the memorial following the publication of her book “Animals in War”. “Animals have… Read more »