Pet Blood Bank launches PPCT-funded mobile app

Watch a video of Yogi the lifesaving dog

pet blood bank new app announcement

A brand new pet blood donor app has been launched by UK charity Pet Blood Bank.

pet blood bank logoFunded by Petplan Charitable Trust, the pet blood donor app is currently for registered owners only. New owners will be added to the app as part of the donor registration process.

Just as with humans, healthy blood is in constant demand by practitioners in their efforts to save lives. The charity was set up in 2007 to support UK vets and help meet that demand. Since then, the number of donors has grown into the thousands and vets have saved countless lives using the charity’s blood products.

Welfare of the donor dogs is a top priority

The charity is keen to stress that the welfare of the donor dogs is a top priority. The charity is monitored and audited by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate; an executive government agency dedicated to promoting animal welfare. The charity selects donor dogs very carefully, looking for confident animals that are happy to be part of the donation process.

“Most of our donors come bounding through the doors with their tails wagging excited for all the fuss and attention they are going to get,” says the charity.  “Some dogs are so relaxed they fall asleep on the donation table while enjoying a lovely tummy rub.”

The pet blood donor app isn’t the first Pet Blood Bank project the Trust has been involved with. In 2019, we helped the charity launch the UK’s first canine blood mobile unit.

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