Our Special Friends helps fund urgent operation for rescue dog Shelly

PPCT £5000 grant swells charity's welfare fund

Sean and rescue dog Shelly Our Special Friends

When you see Sean and Shelly together, it’s hard to say who rescued who.

OUr Special Friends OSF logoWhen rescue dog Shelly came into Sean’s life, he was unable to work owing to mental ill health. Suffering from anxiety and depression, he rarely ventured outside. Looking at him now, it’s clear that Shelly has transformed his life. They go out together on walks in the forest near his home and have made friends with other dog walkers. Sean’s mental health has improved and he has even been able to reduce his medication.

But, this was all put into jeopardy when Shelly injured her leg while playing with another dog. Find out what happened, here.

Founded by Dr Belinda Johnston, Our Special Friends provides practical support to vulnerable people in challenging circumstances. This could take the form of financial assistance with veterinary bills to providing animal companionship. Petplan Charitable Trust has supported the charity from its inception with a number of grants.

“We are truly grateful to the Petplan Charitable Trust for your generous grant of £5,000 to Our Special Friends towards our Animal Welfare Support Fund,” says Johnston.

“Over the last year we have used the fund to contribute towards the costs of veterinary and non-veterinary care of pets where owners are facing financial difficulty. In 2020, we contributed to 34 cases, with a total of 31 dogs and 7 cats benefiting from the Fund as some cases included more than one pet. We find that when we offer part-funding of the treatment, clients are profoundly grateful and are often able to take responsibility for the remaining costs. In several cases the animals would not have received the necessary care without our intervention.”

Find out more about the work of Our Special Friends, here

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