Medical Detection Dogs

PPCT has announced a £10,000 grant to Medical Detection Dogs.

medical detection dogs logoMedical Detection Dogs harnesses the potent combination of a dog’s intelligence and its powerful sense of smell to provide early detection of diseases such as cancer.

This work was originally inspired by the personal experience of the charity’s CEO Claire Guest, whose dog Daisy detected Guest’s own breast cancer. Daisy’s insistent nudging of Guest’s breast prompted her to visit her GP. She was subsequently diagnosed with a deep and hard to detect form of the disease. There is no doubt in Guest’s mind that early intervention thanks to Daisy’s actions saved her life.

The PPCT grant will support the health and wellbeing of dogs in training.

lady with blond hair crouches next to brown dog“We are very grateful to the Petplan Charitable Trust for their generous donation towards our health and welfare programme,” says Emma Watson, Trusts and Foundations Fundraising Assistant.

“We are dedicated to training dogs to detect diseases by odour in order to save and enhance lives and take the health and welfare of our dogs extremely seriously. Our dogs work as either Bio Detection Dogs on ground-breaking research projects into the early diagnosis of cancer and other human diseases, or as life-saving Medical Alert Assistance Dogs supporting people with complex health conditions.”

The charity has also been involved in a project with Durham University and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine to investigate the possibility of detecting Covid-19.  The disease has been shown to have an odour that is detectable by trained dogs.

Petplan Charitable Trust has been a supporter of the charity for some years and has previously funded neutering and flea and worm treatment programmes.

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