Maria’s Animal Shelter

“Thank you to Petplan Charitable Trust for giving Maria’s Animal Shelter a grant.

two guinea pigs at marias animal shelterIt will be used towards our vet fees, which is one of our biggest finances. Most of our animals are neutered and rabbits are routinely vaccinated. These costs eat into our maintenance fund and it is always a worry not knowing where the next payment is going to come from.

After routine vet bills, we then worry about the ill animals that always enter the shelter. These bills usually end up quite costly because scans and x-rays are often necessary to find the cause of the illness.”

Maria Mulkeen

Meet full-time residents at Maria’s Animal Shelter, Rupert and Logan (pictured above). Rupert needs dental operations usually every 5 weeks. Logan the angora arrived at the charity with completely matted fur and had weak legs and bad lungs. Both he and Rupert suffer with snuffles. Don’t let their innocent little faces deceive you though. According to Maria, the pair are best friends and love racing around the shelter and getting up to all sorts of mischief!

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