Petplan Charitable Trust has awarded £3000 to the Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART).

HART logoBased in Nepal, HART works tirelessly to provide medical care to the many dogs and cats that roam free in the towns and villages.

The grant will support the charity’s work to change local attitudes to street animals. Already, educating people about animal welfare is having a positive impact on their treatment and wellbeing.

group of vets holding dogs sits in front of HART clinic“The campaign will lead to more care and respect for street animals,”  explains Barbara Webb.

“There will be less abandonment of pets when they grow old or ill. More people will take responsibility for community animals and bring them for veterinary treatment. The use of a pedigree dog as a status symbol will be challenged. Attitudes to animals in Nepal have moved forward in the past ten years and this campaign will be part of the process of change.”

HART is just one of the many charities we support. Many rely exclusively on donations and the tireless work of volunteers to treat, rescue and rehome vulnerable animals. Please consider donating so we can continue to help animals in need.

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