Greyhound Rescue Wales

Thanks to animal lovers like you, PPCT has been able to donate £10,000 to Greyhound Rescue Wales.

The funds will help Greyhound Rescue Wales acquire a much-needed new animal ambulance.

“With the changing world of rescue and the added pressures of the Cost of Living Crisis and the puppy pandemic boom, it quickly became obvious that some of our facilities were no longer able to meet the needs of the animals coming into our care,” explains Katie Murrell, Income Generation Manager at Greyhound Rescue Wales.

“Our old van could only accommodate two dogs at a time (assuming they both got on well), which meant that staff were spending a lot of time transporting dogs back and forth from their surrendering homes to our animal centre, to the vets and back again.

volunteer walks with 3 greyhound rescue puppies“We were often being asked to take more than 2 dogs at a time. Things were reaching crisis point over Christmas and New Year with a record number of surrender requests from both greyhound trainers and pet owners alike.

“Petplan Charitable Trust has come to our rescue with the funds to help us buy a big new animal ambulance. This will not only help us rescue more dogs in need, but will mean less time spent on the road and more time to focus on training, rehabilitation, and of course, lots of fun games.”

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