Ebony Horse Club

“Thank you Petplan Charitable Trust for giving Ebony Horse Club a grant of £15,000.”

ebony horse club logo“The grant will help Ebony Horse Club work with around 25 young volunteers every week. They will learn industry standard horse care skills which will help them to find work in the equine industry but also increase their knowledge of how to care for animals. They will also develop key life skills such as empathy and responsibility which will help them treat all other living beings, both human and animal with more care.

“Thank you so much for your generosity, we are so grateful for this grant and the difference it will make.” – Naomi Howgate.

young people on ponies tower blocks in backgroundLocated in Brixton, South London, next to railway lines and tower blocks, Ebony Horse Club is an unexpected breath of fresh air for young people living in this busy urban environment. The charity allows them to connect with horses and benefit from all the positive things that connection brings. By riding and caring for the animals, they learn empathy, communication and self-confidence. The charity also gives them opportunities outside their local environment such as spending time in the countryside, visiting Ascot Racecourse or experiencing a day in a City of London office.

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