Aireworth Dogs in Need

Thank you Petplan Charitable Trust for awarding £2500 to Aireworth Dogs in Need.

aireworth dogs in need logo“The long-term foster (LTF) side of our rescue has often been less well known, but our team recognised this is something we need to be shouting about,” says Robyn Stansfield, Charity Secretary at Aireworth Dogs in Need. “We’re enormously proud of being able to support dogs with health conditions or elderly dogs who often get very overlooked when it comes to adoption through our Long-Term Foster Friends project.

“We’re also pleased that this scheme allows for people in different circumstances to have a dog. An example would be those who may be older and are worried about a new dog out-living them, or people who may not have the finances to take on a dog with pre-existing health conditions.

Bruce the Bulldog with Robyn holding his bravery award“Our youngest LTF dog is Butch the Bulldog at only 4 years old (see above with Robyn).  He earned his bravery award after his initial BOAS surgery. He has recently undergone even more surgery under our LTF scheme in relation to a luxating patella. The vets bills for our LTF dogs can often be high and we greatly appreciate funding towards these. Another part of our project is the development of our sponsorship scheme, which is currently in progress, having now appointed a project co-ordinator to lead this!”

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