PPCT supports Peruvian project to help improve animal welfare

PAWS aims to reduce suffering of free roaming animals

boy cuddles golden labrador puppy PAWS

PAWS, the Peru Animal Welfare Society, is working to reduce the suffering of free roaming animals in the city of Cusco and surrounding villages.

Globalteer PAWS logoFounded by Globalteer, the PAWS project is also working to tackle the underlying issues that contribute to their numbers.

The focus in 2022 has been on people as well as animals. PPCT was delighted to support this initiative with a grant of £7,980.

“We have provided educational projects in 32 locations,” explains Jim Elliott, General Manager at Globalteer.

“This includes dog training in the villages. Our trainer works with the children and adults to teach them basic training techniques to their dogs. This will hopefully mean that fewer dogs are left to roam the streets and owners use leads when out with their dogs.”

Elliott says that this simple training has helped to change the way that owners viewed their dogs:

“Dogs here are often seen as just security guards for the house and livestock. The people were quite impressed how quickly their dogs picked up on simple commands, their views of the dogs changed to see them as intelligent and emotional creatures.”

black dog with peruvian lady owner is treated by female Globalteer vet

We show people what their dogs are capable of

Free roaming dogs are vulnerable to poisoning, car accidents and other injuries. With no veterinary care available in the villages, the PAWS Mobile Clinic is a lifeline for these animals. Free neutering also helps to control future dog and cat populations.

“It’s a very sad to learn that a young, healthy and loving dog that we saw a few months ago, is no longer with us,” says Elliott. “The thing is that these losses are easily preventable, through changing human behaviour.

“By showing people what their dogs are capable of, and what they need to thrive, we hope to change the way that people treat their pets. The hope is that, if owners value their animals more, the number of dogs that free-roam the streets will decrease, and the number of deaths along with it.”

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