PPCT helps fund ground-breaking adoption centre at Cats Protection Exeter

New facility expected to open in 2022

close up of a young black and white cat

Building works are due to start on a brand new adoption centre at Cats Protection Exeter.

cats protection exeter logoPetplan Charitable Trust (PPCT) made a donation towards the adoption centre which is set to be the most progressive among the charity’s 37 centres.

There will be 65 pens where cats will receive day-to-day care, plus 16 maternity and isolation pens. The pens will provide temporary accommodation for around 750 cats a year.

It’s not just the cats that will benefit from the new facilities. Volunteers and staff will be able to enjoy improved working areas. The centre will also provide an improved adopter experience with better accessibility and more parking. These measures should see animals spending less time in care before moving on to their new forever homes.

The build has been funded by a bequest from the charity’s ex-Chairman Philip Wood, legacies from the charity’s Exeter and East Devon Branches as well as the donation from Petplan Charitable Trust.

“This is an extremely exciting time for us,” says Mark Magee, Manager, Cats Protection Exeter. “The rebuild has been planned for a long time and it is truly wonderful to have reached this first milestone. We are especially grateful for the legacies and donations which have made it possible and we are looking forward to honouring each of our kind donors whose generosity will have a lasting impact on cat welfare in Devon.

“The new centre will make a huge difference to cats, volunteers, staff and adopters alike. From the moment a cat arrives in care to the moment they go home, our trailblazing new centre will create the best possible experience for all involved. We’re thrilled that our centre has been chosen to be the first example a new kind of Cats Protection centre, uniting all the very best aspects of centres built to this point, shaping cat care not only locally but across the UK.”

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