PPCT supports EDHC’s Canine First Aid programme

Giving dog owners the skills to help their pets

EDHC staff demonstrates canine first aid

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home (EDHC) has been awarded £5,000 towards their recently launched Canine First Aid initiative.

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home logoCanine First Aid is designed to equip pet owners with skills to identify illness and administer emergency first aid to dogs.

“As part of our mission of supporting pet owners in the community, we want to offer a free, basic canine care version of this course to members of our community,” explains Karlyn Robertson, EDHC’s Development Manager.

“Often, pets arrive at our doors with illnesses or injuries that have been left untreated and so, worsened. We often see pet owners surrender their pets due to unaffordable vet bills, despite them living in loving homes.”

EDHC has a long history of helping dogs in the city. The home was set up back in 1884 when a local businessman and a doctor sought to give growing numbers of stray dogs a second chance. Today, the charity works with the Police, Council and the wider community to rescue abandoned pets and also reunite lost pets with their owners.

“Funding towards the launch of this project will allow us to start equipping pet owners with the basic skills needed to identify injury or illness at the earliest stage, increasing animal welfare standards and reducing the likelihood of unaffordable vet bills,” adds Robertson.

“We are incredibly grateful to have been awarded grant of £5,000 towards this project.”

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