PPCT funds rabbit accommodation upgrade at Scottish SPCA

New hutches support speedy rehabilitation

Rescue rabbit Scottish SPCA

A grant from Petplan Charitable Trust is making a real difference to rabbits rescued by Scottish SPCA.

Scottish spca logoScottish SPCA were looking to improved the quality of their rabbit accommodation at their Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Edinburgh.

“Rabbits often arrive into our care in poor health and can be carrying disease,” explains the charity’s Trusts Officer, Cheryl Reid.

PPCT donated £7,000 towards the project which has transformed their rabbit accommodation. Old, wooden hutches have now been replaced with 17 new, washable units, which were custom-built to fit in the existing rabbitry.

“The new hutches are easy to clean and disinfect, which greatly reduces the risk of disease transmission and offers the rabbits the best chance of speedy rehabilitation in a clean environment,” says Reid.

snowball the white rabbit in his new hutch at scottish spca“Being able to thoroughly clean the area more quickly also means staff have more time for other tasks such as socialisation, which is so important in finding animals their forever homes.”

Snowball is having a ball in his new home

One resident enjoying his new upgraded accommodation is Snowball, who has been in the care of Scottish SPCA for 124 days.

“Snowball came to us when his owner was no longer able to care for him,” says Reid. “He is around 3 years old and loves human attention. He is very playful and affectionate. While our rehoming team work to find him a forever home, we can be confident that he is safe, healthy and content in his new hutch.

“On behalf of the Scottish SPCA I would like to thank Petplan Charitable Trust for supporting the rabbits in our care.”

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