PPCT donates £5000 towards new vet practice at Cardiff Dogs Home

Local community can access affordable vet care and neutering

Girl with red hair and rescue dog Emily at Cardiff Dogs Home

Petplan Charitable Trust has donated £5000 towards a brand new veterinary care centre at Cardiff Dogs Home (CDH).

The practice will provide on-site care for CDC’s rescue animals as well as offering affordable basic vet care and neutering to pets in the local community.

“We are over the moon to have received an extremely generous donation of £5,000 from PetPlan towards building a veterinary practice on-site at Cardiff Dogs Home,” says Toria Acreman, Trustee (main image, pictured with canine friend Emily).

“Not only will the practice mean our resident dogs have access to high quality veterinary care when they need it but we will be able to open the service up to pet owners in the local community to offer affordable basic healthcare and neutering. This donation will have benefit so many dogs for years to come and we are are grateful for PetPlan’s support.”

Having a veterinary centre on-site means that dogs coming to the home can be health-checked as soon as possible. Until now, it could take up to a week for this to happen. Other benefits include prompt vaccinations, as well as the ability to treat any conditions the dogs might arrive with.

a collage of Cardiff Dogs Home trustees each hugging a dog

Cardiff Dogs Home, The Rescue Hotel trustees L-R Toria, Fraser, Matt, Greta, Alex

CDC takes in a large number of ex-breeding French Bulldogs

Neutering is a really important part of the work they do. CDC takes in a large number of French Bulldogs that have been used for breeding. The puppies are highly sought after and therefore valuable to breeders, so it’s critical that the rescue dogs are neutered so cannot be used for breeding once they leave the home.

Cardiff Dogs Home is council-run and, as such, is only required to provide basic care and vet services. The facility has 44 kennels with the the capacity to take in 1000 dogs a year. In 2019, The Rescue Hotel was set up to help support the work of the CDH with funding, items and services. The Rescue Hotel gained charitable status in April 2020.

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