PPCT donates £25,000 to Bushfire Appeal

Supporting RSPCA Australia to help stricken animals

rspca australia helps stricken koala caught in bushfire

Petplan Charitable Trust has donated £25,000 to RSPCA Australia’s National Bushfire Appeal.

No one can fail to be moved by the scale of the disaster which has devastated whole communities and our thoughts are with all those who have been affected.

Over a billion animals – both wild animals and domestic pets – are believed to have died in the catastrophic fires. RSPCA Australia is co-ordinating a vast operation across the affected areas to rescue stricken animals.

koala play pens donated to rspca australia's bushfire appeal

The rescue teams face an enormous task and it is a testament to their tireless dedication that countless animals such as these koalas have been given a second chance. The PPCT donation to the National Bushfire Appeal will go towards much-needed equipment, supplies, care and boarding.

‘I do not think there is any animal lover who can have watched the footage of the plight of the animals in Australia has not been affected,’ commented David Simpson, the Trust’s chairman.

‘Especially knowing that what we see on our screens are merely snapshots and can’t convey the true horror and scale of the tragedy. Our small contribution can hopefully be put to good use and show those charities, organisations and volunteers selflessly helping the animals that they are supported around the world. Without the generosity of Petplan customers, this donation would not be possible.’

giving a kangaroo joey water

Discover more about RSPCA Australia and the incredible work they’re doing.

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Images courtesy RSPCA Australia