How a PPCT-funded isolation unit is transforming lives at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue

Discover Sparkle's story in our latest case study

black and white dog sparkle at stokenchurch dog rescue

On a cold winter’s evening, a concerned visitor to Stokenchurch Dog Rescue (SDR) brought in a starved, emaciated black and white dog.

stokenchurch dog rescue logo“Looking at her was heartbreaking,” remembers Trustee, Lesley Peel. “You could almost count every bone in her body.” You can read Sparkle’s story in our latest case study, here.

Dogs arrive at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue with all sorts of health and welfare conditions. It is critical that the charity can isolate the sick and injured dogs or any incoming dogs they suspect of having infection or contagious disease.

“Our previous isolation block became unfit for purpose. When its foundations were declared unsound it had to be taken out of action,” explains Peel. “In its place we built an improved facility including dog rooms, a dedicated food preparation kitchen, storage and small surgery facility. There is also a socialisation room to enable any dog during recovery to interact with the team away from the main kennels, which may be noisy and stressful to a sick animal.”

PPCT donated £10,000 towards the new building

Isolation Unit Stokenchurch Dog Rescue funded by petplan charitable trust“The ISO unit was built to modern isolation standards, including sealed ventilation and drainage to prevent the spread of infection. Materials for floors, walls and doors are sufficiently robust to withstand the more rigorous cleaning regimes required,” says Peel.

“Heating, cooling and humidity control systems help to keep sick animals comfortable. New arrivals have a short stay in ISO to be medically checked and observed for any infections, and to avoid potential bugs spreading to our other dogs.”

‘Moss’ was found bleeding badly by the side of the road

Like Sparkle, Moss was nursed back to health in the ISO unit. Late one evening, a Lurcher type, aged approx. 6-8 months, was found bleeding badly by the side of the road and his rescuers brought him to SDR. The young pup was in total shock, his eyes were empty and he couldn’t stop himself from shaking.

a rescue lurcher with bandaged paw at stokenchurch dog rescue“After some initial care for shock and to stem the bleeding, we took him straight to the vets for emergency treatment,” says Peel. “We called him Moss because, despite the trauma and pain, he had such a soft and gentle nature throughout his treatment. Moss had some nasty leg injuries, including broken toes.”

Moss went through a lengthy recovery, with bandages being changed every two days.  Amazingly, the trauma he had experienced and his long road back to health has had no lasting effect on his temperament. With no microchip, the only course of action was to rehome him.

“Moss went home to a family who have previously adopted from us, and he is now living with his new big brother Boris,” explains Peel.

“The award of a grant from Petplan Charitable Trust has helped Stokenchurch Dog Rescue to bring care and kindness to the many unwanted and abandoned dogs that come to the centre in need of help.”

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