Mayhew targets suspected puppy farms with PPCT grant

How the charity is helping victims of cruelty like Cyril

cyril the dog is cared for at mayhew charity

Animal welfare charity, Mayhew, is using a grant from Petplan Charitable Trust to rescue and improve the welfare of animals at suspected puppy farms.

mayhew logo“Thank you so much to the Petplan Charitable Trust for their generous grants over several years,” says Mayhew’s Louise Cordery.

“Their unwavering dedication to animal welfare has helped us to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome thousands of cats and dogs that come through our doors. Most recently, the Trust has enabled us to save and improve the lives of hundreds of dogs who have been subjected to the cruelty of suspected puppy farms.”

The Trust has supported Mayhew with 11 grants since 2001. The most recent was £17,000 in 2019.

mayhew vets help cyril the dogCyril had deep wounds and heavily matter fur

One little chap to benefit from the charity’s care is Cyril. He came to Mayhew after being kept in poor conditions on a puppy farm. He was suffering from deep wounds and his fur was in a terrible state.

What’s more, he had missing teeth after being used for breeding and as a bait dog. Mayhew vets treated Cyril’s wounds and gave him a full health and dental check.

Sadly, the team also spotted that Cyril was showing signs of psychological trauma. This included walking in tight circles which indicated that he had been confined to a small area. He was also possessive of food and toys, a sign that he had suffered mistreatment and neglect over a long period.

cyril the dog rescued by mayhew from puppy farm

A friendly and playful personality

“We started a rehabilitation programme and gradually Cyril began to trust more,” continues Cordery. “He started to reveal a friendly, playful personality. Before being ready for adoption, Cyril was neutered and his matted fur was completely shaved off to remove any discomfort or irritation. Cyril could then start a new life with nothing to remind him of his past traumas, and he’s now hunting for his perfect family!”

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