Latest pupdate on our sponsored assistance dog Juno

'A very clever girl who loves life!'

assistance dog with autumn leaves

We’re excited to share the latest news on our Dogs For Good assistance dog, Juno.

Juno is now nine-months old and developing into a bright young dog. She is very enthusiastic and gets excited about everything she comes into contact with!

From the age of six months onwards, the focus for socialisers Mike and Penny shifts to transferring the training they have completed at home or in online puppy classes to ‘real-life’ situations and environments.

They continue with her obedience training outdoors, ensuring that she walks to heel when on the lead and that she returns to them when called if she is free-running in the park. They will also help her learn to settle in busy places.

Penny and Mike continue to take her to a variety of different environments to get her used to the sights, sounds and smells of everyday life. She has visited both Oxford and Wantage and copes really well in busy urban environments. She settles well in shops and on transport, and continues to settle well in pubs and restaurants – much to the delight of Mike and Penny! She also regularly travels happily in the car and on buses and the train.

Juno’s recall is great – unless there is a better offer

Mike says that Juno is still a very sociable dog, and loves meeting all the people and dogs they bump into. She can get very excitable around new people, so they are working on encouraging her to keep all four paws on the ground. Her recall is great – unless there is a better offer; so they will continue to work on this aspect of her training with the support of their puppy co-ordinator through the winter months.

dogs for good assistance dog in the snowJuno’s puppy co-ordinator Becci has this to say about her:

“Juno is a very clever girl who loves life! She has a really good level of basic obedience especially when out in busy environments. She is confident in all places and on transport which is great for her assistance dog career. She can occasionally be cheeky, like checking out what her holders might be preparing for dinner or going to say hello to someone on a walk! Both these areas are being worked on and I’m sure given her age she’ll improve.

“She has had a couple of short holidays boarding with other Dogs for Good dogs and has done really well which is also a positive step for her future.

“She certainly makes me laugh on every visit I do with her, but I am pleased with her progress for her age.”

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