How your donations are helping rescue ponies to spread kindness

Heart-warming support for young people at Hugs Foundation

rescue ponies small brown pony being led by child

A PPCT donation of £7,000 has been helping to cover the care costs of rescue ponies on the Hugs Foundation youth well-being team.

hugs foundation rescue ponies logoThe rescue ponies share their non-judgemental kindness with children and young people who are struggling with mental health issues. The gentle patience of these animals seems to work like magic, with parents reporting huge changes in their children’s well-being and behaviour.

One parent reports: “Emma was almost completely non-verbal by the time we got her there. She wouldn’t speak for days on end and would get upset if we pushed her to talk. Being with the Hugs workers and animals she relaxed. Her focus was taken away from her issues as she was told about each animal’s background and given the opportunity to spend time with her favourite ones each week. After each session Emma is more talkative, noticeably happier and relaxed.” (Emma’s name has been changed.)

One of the star rescue ponies on the team is Dude (below). He was an orphan Dartmoor foal who had become separated from his mother. He came into the charity in 2017. At that point he was totally wild and riddled with lice and worms.rescue ponies with children and young people“Hugs rehabilitated him and he is now sharing the kindness given to him with children, young people and the elderly community,” explains the team at Hugs Foundation. “Not only does he work alongside our youth team, but he really enjoys going out into the community to educate about animal welfare and management and he goes into care homes to spread kindness. He really is an incredible pony.”

The £7,000 grant has been used to cover veterinary bills, hay, bedding and feed, farrier, worming, physiotherapy, dentistry and equipment. This grant was made possible thanks to your donations and Petplan customers who opt in to support the Trust’s work.

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