Hattie Syme wins Petplan Charitable Trust Scientific Award 2020

Syme specialises in conditions affecting older cats

professor hattie syme wins petplan charitable trust scientific award 2020

Professor Hattie Syme has won the prestigious Petplan Charitable Trust Scientific Award 2020.

old lady strokes old catSyme is Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine and Senior Clinical Tutor at the Royal Veterinary College. She leads a research programme into conditions that affect older cats, specifically hyperthyroidism and hypertension.

Among other projects, she also makes major contributions to the college’s research into Feline Chronic Kidney Disease. She currently serves on the board of the International Renal Interest Society (IRIS).

The award was announced as part of the annual Petplan Veterinary Awards. They were established to recognise the work of veterinary practices across the UK. The ceremony was held online this year owing to the coronavirus epidemic.

Every year, the Trust invites Heads of Research in the UK Veterinary Schools and the Animal Health Trust to make nominations for the Research Award. The nominations are then examined and scored by the Trust’s scientific committee.

Ted Chandler, Secretary of the Scientific Advisory Committee, said the award recognised Hattie’s “massive and outstanding research work to life-threatening conditions affecting the dog and cat”.  He added: “A recipient of a number of international awards, Hattie has also been an inspired teacher leading to many other graduates embarking on research careers.”

“Of course I am thrilled to receive this award,” says Hattie Syme.  “Probably what makes it most special is the nomination by my peers. It is important to emphasise though that research is a team effort. I am just one of many people (vets and nurses) working together at the RVC to try to further our understanding of the diseases that old cats get, so that we can improve their quality of life.”

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