Dog thrown over wall at Freshfields Animal Rescue finds her forever home

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A dog who was thrown over the carpark wall at Freshfields Animal Rescue has found a loving, forever owner right on her doorstep.

freshfields animal rescue logoMimi, a shi tzu, was understandably terrified when she was found by a Freshfields Animal Rescue staff member as they began their morning shift. She was in a dreadful state, very dirty and with her fur so matted she could not see properly (see image below).

Staff at the charity’s kennels spent many hours working with Mimi to gain her trust. Bit by bit, she began to respond but it was clear that she was struggling to adapt to life in kennels. What she needed was a peaceful, calm environment where she could learn to relax and enjoy her life.

rescue shi tzu with dirty matted furStep forward Jim Marsden. Marsden had been a volunteer dog-walker for Freshfields for around 18 months, and he was originally looking for a rescue Jack Russell to adopt. He happened to meet Mimi and, according to Freshfields, it was love at first sight. What began as a short term fostering arrangement has now developed into a permanent adoption.

“Within a day or two I knew I couldn’t hand her back”

“I was so happy to be accepted as a volunteer dog-walker for Freshfields, and have been walking some of the lovely dogs for over a year now,” explains Marsden.

“I felt so sorry for Mimi that I asked about taking her into foster care. I only intended to foster her for a couple of months, but within a day or two I knew I couldn’t hand her back. She has really settled in and is a major part of my life now. We’re out for two walks every day totalling not less than five miles.”

“It is truly heart-warming to see the transformation in Mimi, from a lonely, scared, abandoned dog to a beloved, cherished companion,” observes Deb Hughes, PR and Communications Officer at Freshfields Animal Rescue. “Hopefully, Mimi’s story will show everyone that rescue animals make fantastic pets.”

Currently, only 22% of people get their pets from a rescue centre. Over 50% of animals are still bought from breeders or online. Yet there are so many rescue animals like Mimi in need of a loving home. Marsden clearly has no regrets at all.

“Mimi is the best thing that could have happened to me!” he says.

Petplan Charitable Trust has just announced a grant of £3,000 to support the charity’s dog neutering project.

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