Distressed equines rescued by Crosskennan Lane thanks to PPCT emergency fund

Find out how Gabriel, Chica and Cali were saved

Krystal a beautiful chestnut horse stands in grassy field at Crosskennan Lane

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary in Antrim, Northern Ireland, has had its hands full with equine rescues during the pandemic.

Crosskennan lane Animal Sanctuary logoWhen funds ran low, Crosskennan Lane applied for a grant to PPCT’s Equine Rescues Emergency Fund. This allowed them to step in and save two horses and a pony in need. Locating the pony, Gabriel, proved a mammoth task in itself as the address given didn’t exist. You can read about how Gabriel was found, here.

Chica had a severe wound on her cheek (hence her name) and Cali was malnourished. Chica’s wound was dealt with immediately but worse news was to come. It soon became apparent that she was suffering from liver damage. You can find out more about Chica here.

Cali is a one year old who had scars that suggested she had been used for racing. She is recovering well.

“One month on and she is such a sweetheart, her scars are healing up and are hidden beneath her winter coat which is starting come in,” says Carol from Crosskennan Lane.

Cali a very thin chestnut horse with ribs showingThe charity is one of many smaller equine rescue centres that have benefitted from the emergency fund. It was set up at pace by PPCT’s chairman David Simpson in collaboration with World Horse Welfare and National Equine Welfare Council (NEWC). Mindful of the high costs involved in rescuing, treating and caring for horses, the Trust has been quick to release funds. The final round of applications is currently open. Apply now. Applications close on Friday 15th January 2021.

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