Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home launches Dog Care Clinics

PPCT supports the project with £5000 donation

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home prepares to launch Dog Care Clinics.

The initiative has been supported with a donation from Petplan Charitable Trust.

“Thank you ever so much once again for the £5,000 granted to Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home in 2022,” says Karlyn Robertson, the charity’s Development Manager. “These funds have allowed our team to create and begin to implement a new plan to support pet owners in the community.”

The charity has a history of outreach with their Canine First Aid clinics. They also support 2,600 pets every month through their pet food bank. However, food is only part of the challenge for pet owners living in pet poverty.

“Often, pet owners struggle to pay for pet insurance and/or vet bills,” explains Roberston. “This funding has allowed us to kick start a new initiative aimed at supporting dog owners with the care of their pets.

“In the first six months, we plan to deliver six dog care clinics per month. These clinics will be strategically dispersed to support as many pet owners across South, East and Central Scotland as possible. The clinics will be drop-in, however we would expect to see 15 pet owners per clinic, totalling 90+ dogs supported per month. In the following six months, we’d hope to expand to at least 8 clinics per month, supporting 120+ dogs.”

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