PPCT-sponsored assistance dog Kahn aces his training

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Dog training success Kahn black Labrador

PPCT has been proudly sponsoring the training of assistance dogs for a number of years in partnership with Dogs For Good.

Dogs for Good logoMany of you will be familiar with Juno through our newsletters, social media posts and news stories. Although Juno was a wonderfully natured and intelligent dog, the difficult decision was taken to remove her from the training programme. She was just too sociable! She is now happy and settled in a loving home.

Enter black Labrador x golden retriever Kahn who spent the first 12 months of his life with one of the charity’s volunteer Puppy Socialisers. With the support and guidance of Dogs For Good, he developed into a confident and well-adjusted dog in readiness for his future role as an assistance dog.

assistance dog kahn crosses road with lady in wheelchairOnce Kahn’s puppy socialisation ended, he started his assistance training at the charity’s centre in Banbury. Kahn has now completed all his training and is a fully qualified assistance dog. His Trainer has this to say on his progress:

“Kahn has flourished during his training and has thoroughly enjoyed learning all the skills that he will utilise as an assistance dog. He has enthusiastically learnt all the task work that is required to pass training. It’s hard to say which is his favourite!

Kahn can retrieve a purse, keys, remote control and more

“Kahn particularly likes to pull off gloves, socks and jacket sleeves to help a person undress. He also likes to pull open doors using a pull rope. He has learnt to retrieve a variety of articles such as a purse, keys, remote control and glasses case.

“Kahn loves using his paws to push objects such as pushing down footplates on a wheelchair. He also uses his nose to push objects such as access buttons and light switches. Kahn is very confident and steady walking next to a wheelchair in a variety of different environments.

“He has been a joy for our volunteer Boarders who he has stayed with throughout his training. They have taken him out for day trips and he has enjoyed regular long weekend walks that usually ended with a swim in the river with his doggy pals!

“Kahn has been partnered with a lady who has physical disabilities. His partner adores him and the pair have formed a strong bond.

“Kahn has made us all very proud! Thank you Petplan Charitable Trust for sponsoring Kahn on his journey to become a life-changing assistance dog.”

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