Chilterns Dog Rescue Society prepares for surge in intake post-lockdown

Charities already stretched financially fear fallout of impulse pet buying

chilterns dog rescue terrier jumps through orange hoop

Chilterns Dog Rescue Society is among the many pet rescue charities expecting a surge in intake as lockdown eases.

chilterns dog rescue society logoThe Kennel Club has already reported that searches for puppies doubled between February and March as the government announced restrictions. Animal charities were quick to warn against impulse buying. But, to what extent people heeded their advice only time will tell.

“We anticipate a large upsurge in intake enquiries as people return to work, experience problems due to economic downturn or just get bored with their lockdown puppy,” says Sara Muncke of Chilterns Dog Rescue.

The charity reopened the Rescue Centre in a limited capacity on Monday 15th June. A small team has been busy sorting out the dogs that still need help, as well as the very many people looking to rehome a dog at this time.

According to Muncke, the number of people applying to put their dogs into the centre is lower than would normally be expected as this time of year. Bu, that is likely to be the calm before the storm as people’s lives return to some kind of normality. This is a particularly tough time for charities, all of which have suffered a significant drop in income.

“Thank you again for the grants we have received from Petplan Charitable Trust,” adds Muncke. “With all our fund raising events and activities cancelled for the foreseeable future, the support and generosity of the Trust is very much appreciated.”

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