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PPCT awards £10,000 to Paws Protect

woman holds tabby cat paws protect

In 2019 PPCT awarded £10,000 to Cats Protection for their Paws Protect fostering service, an essential service for people who want to flee domestic abuse.

cats protection logoFor many victims, leaving violent relationships is made impossible as they cannot bear to lose their pets or put them at risk. Very few local authorities provide facilities for boarding pets and most domestic abuse refuges are unable to accept cats.

Paws Protect is a free volunteer led fostering service, where cats are cared for until owners have escaped their violent relationship and resettled away from their abuser.

Currently covering London, Hertfordshire, Essex, Sussex, Surrey and Kent (all of which are areas with no other cat fostering services available), Paws Protect has helped over 265 families with over 470 cats since the service was established. Once a referral to take in a cat has been received either from an individual or an agency, our project staff will collect the cat and bring them to a Cats Protection Adoption Centre which has accommodation for Paws Protect cats. There, each cat is health checked and receives any necessary veterinary treatment. From there, cats are placed with volunteer foster carers who take care of them whilst their owner is resettled.

Making a real difference to people’s lives

Cats are usually with foster carers for 6-9 months, and all costs including cat food, litter and veterinary expenses are covered by Cats Protection during this time. All cats will be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped if necessary.All information concerning clients and foster carers is confidential.

“At Paws Protect we are so grateful for the funding received from the Petplan Charitable Trust for Paws Protect, our cat fostering service for people fleeing domestic abuse,” comments Rose Abram, Paws Protect Co-ordinator at Cats Protection.

“It means we will be able to help more families out of abusive situations by fostering their cats while they flee to safety, giving them the peace of mind that their beloved pets are safe so they can be too. The funding will enable us to make a real difference to people’s lives.”

PPCT funds VR horse rider safety film

dead slow poster british horse society

A virtual reality film released by the British Horse Society aims to cut the number of road accidents involving horses and riders.

The Petplan Charitable Trust donated £25,000 to fund the film which is part of BHS’s Dead Slow campaign. The Dead Slow campaign was launched in March 2016 to coincide with release of the Horse Accidents statistics from the past 6 years. This showed that 181 horses and 36 riders had been killed on the roads and there had been 2,000 incidents involving horses and vehicles. Of these incidents, 80% were caused because drivers passed too fast, too close or a combination of both.

The Dead Slow campaign has 4 clear messages:

  • When you see a horse on the road slow down to a maximum of 15 miles per hour
  • Do not rev your engine or sound your horn
  • When safe to do so, pass the horse wide, at least a cars width, and slowly
  • Drive slowly away

british horse society dead slow banner

In 2018 the British Horse Society’s Dead Slow Virtual Reality film was launched to improve awareness of the campaign.

“Thanks to the Petplan Charitable Trust’s generous support we were able to produce the Dead Slow Virtual Reality film. It has made an incredible difference for drivers to understand what it is like to be on a horse when a car passes too fast or too close,” says Alan Hiscox, Director of Safety.

“After seeing the film 94% of drivers realised they must slow down to a maximum of 15 mph, when passing horses making it safer for both riders and drivers.”

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StreetVet ‘beyond grateful’ to PPCT

members of the streetvet team helping pets of the homeless

The Petplan Charitable Trust has donated £18,000 to StreetVet, an organisation that brings veterinary support to dogs owned by the homeless.

streetvet logoStreetvet was founded by Jade Statt. Now the charity’s CEO, she qualified from Glasgow in 2002. While Statt was in practice in London, she was struck by the number of homeless people with dogs. So, she decided to do something to support their health and welfare.

Although PDSA, Blue Cross and many others offer help, homeless people are often reluctant to use their services. They fear that the animals may be taken from them.

Statt began by going round London with a nurse and a backpack and providing some basic veterinary welfare and health management. She met up with fellow vet, Sam Joseph, who had started doing similar work in 2015 whilst still a student at Bristol Veterinary School. They joined forces and formed StreetVet.

Unlike other organisations engaged in similar work, StreetVet is entirely veterinary-led and has been professionally organized. Altogether, PPCT has awarded £18,000 to the charity to help it continue its work.

“StreetVet have been overwhelmed by the support provided by the Petplan Charitable Trust. The guidance and mentorship, alongside incredible financial help, has been game-changing for us and we are beyond grateful!” says Statt.

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PPCT supports Pet Blood Bank UK

mobile canine blood bank

Petplan Charitable Trust (PPCT) has teamed up with Pet Blood Bank UK (PBB) to support the launch of the first canine blood mobile unit in the UK. Set up in 1994 the Trust provides much needed funds to promote the health and welfare of animals.

pet blood bank uk logo“PBB are very grateful to PPCT for funding this new initiative, the new mobile unit will provide us with an amazing opportunity to reach more donors and make sure we have blood products available 24 hours a day/365 day a year to help sick or injured dogs ultimately saving more dogs lives,” said John Hill, Chairman of Pet Blood Bank UK Board of Trustees.

“We currently hold five sessions a week at host practices across the UK. With advancements in veterinary medicine, maintaining our stock levels can be challenging so the new mobile unit will give us the flexibility to run additional sessions when our blood stocks are low.

“We are thrilled with the new unit and are very grateful to our colleagues at the Petplan Charitable Trust for their support.”

David Simpson from PPCT said, “We are delighted to be supporting Pet Blood Bank. The Blood Bank does tremendously valuable and life-saving work in providing vitally needed blood to help sick pets. Nor do we forget that none of it would be possible without the active support of the dogs and the owners who volunteer to donate blood.”

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