Founded in 2003 by vet Luke Gamble, the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) is an animal welfare charity that provides a sustainable veterinary resource around the world.

worldwide veterinary service logoFrom disaster emergency response to veterinary training and education, Worldwide Veterinary Service treats animals in places where no one else will. It also supports animal charities and NGOs striving to make a difference on the frontline of animal welfare.

From dog shelters to elephant orphanages

WVS was founded to address an overwhelming demand for veterinary care and resources not available in certain areas of the world. The charity collates veterinary resources and directs them to assist animal charities and non-profit organisations globally. Its vets help everywhere from dog shelters in Thailand to elephant orphanages in Zambia.

vets in action blantyre wvs

WVS provides a range of vet care worldwide, including running sterilisation and vaccination programmes and sending veterinary supplies to animals in need. Its work also includes training local vets and providing a fast action emergency response. A key focus is to promote animal welfare from the roots up, helping people and animals live together harmoniously.

3,363 sick or injured animals treated at Malawi clinic in 2019

In Blantyre, Malawi (above), WVS runs a clinic alongside the BSPCA shelter. In this region, provision of veterinary care is so limited that this is one of the only places where animals can receive care. What’s more, the widespread poverty in the region means that most people cannot access expensive vet care. The clinic works to overcome these barriers to promote animal welfare.

wvs vet holds puppy with injured legThe vet and shelter team work tirelessly to offer low cost, or free, neutering operations, and treat sick and injured animals. We also partner with our sister charity, Mission Rabies, to vaccinate dogs and cats against rabies. This not only protects animals from this terrible disease, but also the humans who live alongside them.

2019 has been incredibly busy at Blantyre:

  • 3,363 sick or injured animals treated
  • 1,814 cats and dogs vaccinated
  • 668 cats and dogs neutered
  • 120 other operations performed including amputations, wound repair and tumour removals

blantyre library worldwide veterinary serviceHow we’re helping WVS

Petplan Charitable Trust has so far awarded three grants to WVS, the most recent of which is helping to support the vital work at Blantyre.

The first two are helping to educate vets at its three International Training Centres (ITCs) in India and Thailand. The new ‘Simpson Libraries’ provide a valuable resource for trainee vets and other animal welfare workers at the centres.

All ITC course participants and staff can access the libraries to further their knowledge. There are over 200 veterinary textbooks on a wide range of subjects including specialist disciplines such as dermatology, ophthalmology and much more.

Funds were also used to furnish the libraries, making them a welcoming and productive study environment. This has allowed vets, veterinary nurses, animal welfare workers and shelter managers to further their knowledge and improve their skills and awareness.

“The grants from the Petplan Charitable Trust have been a phenomenal boost,” confirms Luke Gamble, Founder and CEO of WVS.

wvs staff hold thank you banner to petplan charitable trust

“The ability to provide such an excellent educational resource to vets who would otherwise struggle to access top class materials will benefit tens of thousands of animals for many years to come. We are totally indebted and very grateful to the Petplan Charitable Trust for their immense support.”

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