StreetVet is a national charity that provides free veterinary care to the pets of owners who are homeless.

streetvet logoHomelessness is a growing problem in the UK. Many people facing life on the streets have pets – particularly dogs, who provide a vital lifeline to their owners. StreetVet enables professional vets and veterinary nurses to volunteer their time free of charge in order to support them.

How does it work?

Many homeless people have a deep bond with their pets, and the health and wellbeing of their companions is often a major priority. However, life on the streets makes it difficult to access the vet care required to ensure the good health these dogs deserve.

The StreetVet teams take their experience out onto the streets across the country, seeking out people and their dogs sleeping rough or in vulnerable accommodation and delivering the care required to support their joint wellbeing.

streetvet helps benson the staffordshire bull terrierEstablished StreetVet teams currently hold weekly clinics in 16 towns and cities across the UK, and these generally run in conjunction with local organisations who help cater for the owners’ needs as well. Beyond this frontline care, volunteers regularly visit pet-friendly hostels in order to provide further support to homeless pet owners.

How we’re helping StreetVet

In supporting the work of StreetVet through grants, we’re helping this charity to help dogs like Benson, a Staffordshire bull terrier who suffered a rupture in the cruciate ligament in his right knee. With his owner unable to pay for insurance or surgery, StreetVet was able to step in and act as Benson’s insurance policy, providing him with pain relief to make him comfortable and quickly booking him in for surgery.

After six weeks of being wheeled around London by his owner to give his joints time to heal, Benson has made a full recovery and happily greets the StreetVet team when they’re out and about.

“Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers and the critical support of a host of renowned organisations, including the Petplan Charitable Trust, StreetVet is ensuring that beloved pets of homeless owners can continue to receive the care they deserve,” says Jade Statt of StreetVet.


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