Founded in 1963, Stokenchurch Dog Rescue is an independent charity dedicated to rehoming stray and unwanted dogs from the Wycombe District and surrounding areas.

stokenchurch dog rescue logoAs well as rescuing and finding new homes for these dogs, Stokenchurch Dog Rescue also cares for and protects dogs in need of attention. This could be for a host of different reasons, including sickness, maltreatment, neglect or other poor circumstances.

How does it work?

When a dog arrives at the centre, it receives a medical assessment and any necessary treatment. To make sure it’s fit and healthy and to assess its temperament before rehoming, the dog then stays in the centre’s isolation unit for 7-10 days on a specially tailored diet.

emaciated dog with carer at stokenchurch dog rescueStokenchurch Dog Rescue never has a healthy dog put down, even welcoming back past residents whose new homes haven’t worked out.

In addition to rescuing, rehoming and caring for dogs in need, the charity is also active in educating the local community about responsible dog ownership. They’re vocal advocates of the need to neuter dogs to prevent unwanted puppies and reduce the stray dog population, as well as promoting microchipping.

Sparkle’s story

Trustee, Lesley Peel, shares one dog’s story:

“On a snowy winter’s evening, a member of the public arrived at the centre with a very cold and emaciated dog. The previous night had hit lows of -8ᵒC in the village where Sparkle was found.Sparkle the dog cowers under a blanket in isolation unit Stokenchurch Dog Rescue“She was just skin and bone with sore red skin and fur loss. She was dehydrated and incredibly hungry. Looking at Sparkle was heart breaking; you could almost count every bone in her body. Judging by her condition, we suspected Sparkle to be a few years old and to have been straying for quite some time but Sparkle was just 9 months old and weighed a tiny 7.5kg.

“She had worm and flea treatment to ensure she didn’t have a worm infestation, or any fleas, which would make her skin even itchier than it already was due to fox mange. Recovering in the ISO unit, Sparkle was constantly monitored. With quiet rest and careful dietary control Sparkle gained the weight she so desperately needed and, as her skin recovered, her fur began to grow back.

black and white dog close up stokenchurch dog rescue crp

“Everyone who has had the opportunity to spend time with her has fallen in love with her and her huge personality. After a careful selection process a new home was selected for Sparkle to give her love and continue to help her flourish.”

How we’re helping Stokenchurch Dog Rescue

We’re delighted to support Stokenchurch Dog Rescue’s important work, and we’ve awarded them several grants over the past few years. This includes one of £10,000 in 2012 to help build the isolation block where Sparkle was cared for. This replaced an older facility that was no longer safe to be used, its foundations having been declared unsound.

Isolation Unit Stokenchurch Dog Rescue funded by petplan charitable trustWith the help of the grant, the charity was able to build a better isolation block with facilities including dog rooms, a dedicated food preparation kitchen, storage and a small surgery facility. There’s also a socialisation room where recuperating dogs can interact with the team away from the main kennels, which may be noisy and stressful to a sick animal.

Built to modern isolation standards, the new block has sealed ventilation and drainage to prevent the spread of infection. Materials for floors, walls and doors are robust enough to withstand rigorous cleaning regimes, while heating, cooling and humidity control systems help to keep sick animals comfortable. If an outbreak of a bug occurs, the centre can now contain and control its impact by isolating the sick dogs. This means it won’t delay rehoming healthy dogs, which would reduce the number of dogs the charity could take in.

“Stokenchurch Dog Rescue is truly grateful for Petplan’s commitment to our passion in providing the best care we can to help unwanted and abandoned dogs find new homes,” says Lesley. “This support of our work gives value back to the community in so many ways – to the rescued dogs, to their happy new owners and to the many supporters, who can find an outlet for friendship, new skills, and wellbeing at Stokenchurch Dog Rescue.”

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