Founded in 2002, Rain Rescue rescues dogs and cats who have been abandoned, mistreated and abused and who have nobody else to care for them.

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Based in South Yorkshire, Rain Rescue believes that every dog and cat deserves the right to a good life, free from fear and pain.

Care, food and a warm, safe bed

Each year, the charity helps around 400 animals and provides over 9,000 days and nights of care. Every 24 hours of care costs an average of £32.99 per animal. This covers their care, and love, food, medication, operations, neutering, microchipping, vaccinations and a warm, safe bed for the night.

The circumstances from which the charity rescues dogs and cats vary enormously. They see a high number of cruelty and deprivation cases. Animals can also need help when their owners are in crisis. Whatever the reason, Rain Rescue steps in to help and rehome wherever possible, including visiting stray kennels to rescue animals at risk of being put down.

How PPCT is helping Rain Rescue

Like most charities, Rain Rescue relies entirely on donations from members of the public. We’ve helped them make ends meet with two grants: £12,000 in 2012 for the installation of eight new cat pens, and £7,500 in 2013 towards the charity’s ‘Pawsome Partners’ project. This project provides care for needy animals until they can be taken on and rehomed by a larger rescue centre.

rain rescue cat in new penBetween January 2014 and October 2019, the charity saved the lives of 1,313 cats and kittens.

“We couldn’t have managed this without these fabulous pens,” comments Jacquie Neilson of Rain Rescue. “They have been in constant use since the day they were opened.

“Rain Rescue is a small but really active charity working in desperate situations, with members of the public phoning us constantly throughout the day begging us for help.”

“The area we live, Rotherham in South Yorkshire, is an area of high cruelty and deprivation, and un-owned and unwanted cats are at epidemic proportions. The problem is growing daily, as cats constantly reproduce. Being able to help people by bringing these cats into safety is a huge relief for us.”

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