Petplan Charitable Trust is helping Hope Rescue support injured and retired greyhounds.

hope rescue logoThe ‘Amazing Greys’ programme was established to help greyhounds from a local racing track. It is one of several vital programmes run by the independent charity based in Wales.

Established in 2005, Hope Rescue is dedicated to improving the welfare of dogs, regardless of their breed, age or any medical conditions. The charity mostly takes in stray dogs from Local Authority pounds. These dogs would otherwise be put down after seven days in the pound.

delilah the collie shaking paw hope rescueThey take in all stray dogs from six Local Authorities in South Wales, and also accepts dogs from owners who can no longer care for them. The charity operates from its own rescue centre in Llanharan which has space for 51 rescue dogs. The facility has 18 acres of private woodland, two exercise paddocks, an indoor training centre and a grooming room.

Hope Rescue rehomes dogs directly from its centre, as well as working with national and independent rescues including Blue Cross, Dogs Trust and Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. These collaborations mean they can help more dogs and use their resources as efficiently as possible.

Tackling the root causes of irresponsible dog ownership

As well as taking dogs in, the charity also runs an outreach programme. ‘Hope in the Community’ was launched to help tackle the root causes of irresponsible dog ownership. The aim is to reduce the number of dogs needing to access the animal welfare system. It includes a canine respite scheme to support owners in crisis, delivering pet supplies to food banks, and volunteering opportunities. Education and community projects are another key element of the programme, as is campaigning for legislative change.

beatrix chihuauhua in arms of worker at hope rescueThis small, independent charity is reliant on the support of volunteers and donations, as well as raising some funds from offering commercial dog kennelling and boarding services.

Amazing Greys – how PPCT is helping to support greyhounds

In 2019, Petplan Charitable Trust awarded a grant to help fund the charity’s ‘Amazing Greys’ project. This has enabled Hope Rescue to continue to develop a programme of support, rehabilitation and rehoming for retired and injured greyhounds. The funding also meant the charity could help more dogs overall.retired black greyhound hope rescue

“Petplan Charitable Trust has supported Hope Rescue with funding for our Amazing Greys project, enabling us to care for dozens of retired and injured greyhounds from the local racing track,” says Amy Greenfield of Hope Rescue. “Without the support of the Petplan Charitable Trust, we would not have been able to sustain this project alongside our provision for stray and abandoned dogs. This would have resulted in many of the greyhounds being euthanised.”

The funding has also enabled the charity to train a small group of volunteers who have supported the project.

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