Leicester Animal Aid is a rescue and rehoming centre for cats and dogs. Petplan Charitable Trust grants have been supporting a number of the charity’s projects since 2015.

Leicester Animal Aid logoLeicester Animal Aid is based just outside the Leicestershire village of Huncote. Every year, the charity cares for more than 400 lost, abandoned or unwanted dogs and cats. Some of them are given up because their owners can no longer care for them. When they’re ready, each animal is carefully matched with a family who is looking for a pet.

Food, veterinary care and love

At any given time, the centre cares for as many as 40 dogs and 30 cats, ensuring they have food, veterinary care and love. For some of these animals, this is often the first time in their lives that they’ve received this care.

Each dog and cat is assessed by the charity’s experienced team, who aim to find the right home for every animal, no matter how long it takes. They provide on-going guidance and practical help to both new and existing pet owners, sometimes for years after giving one of their animals a home.

Community Pet Support Scheme Leicester Animal AidThe charity also runs a Community Pet Support Scheme that supports elderly, disabled and immobile pet owners to look after their companion animals at home. This prevents well-loved animals from coming into rescue unnecessarily. It also helps ensure that vulnerable members of the community can remain living with their best friend for as long as possible.

How we’re helping Leicester Animal Aid

The Petplan Charitable Trust has assisted Leicester Animal Aid in a number of ways over the last few years. In 2015 and 2016, we provided two grants to help them build and furnish a training barn. This is where dogs with behavioural problems are trained and socialised, allowing them to build confidence and form trusting bonds with people. This in turn helps reduce the length of time dogs stay at the centre, as well as greatly helping to improve their wellbeing and behaviour.

two women study new information boards at leicester animal aid charityIn 2018, we provided a grant that funded information boards around the Leicester Animal Aid site. These provide signposts for visitors, explaining the charity’s work and educating the public about responsible animal care, including the importance of pet insurance.

The following year, a further Petplan Charitable Trust grant helped to fund the charity’s Community Pet Support Scheme.

“The kind and generous support of the Petplan Charitable Trust has assisted Leicester Animal Aid to carry out and build upon our work of rescue and rehoming animals,” explains Keely Short of Leicester Animal Aid. “Through grants from the Trust we have been able to improve our on-site facilities to provide more enrichment opportunities for the animals in our care. We have also been able to enhance the visitor experience and educate the general public in responsible pet care.”

Most recently, the charity was awarded £5,000 from the fund of over half a million pounds generated by C4’s Animal Rescue Live which aired in August 2019. PPCT was delighted to have been chosen as the nominated charity. Thanks to the generosity of viewers, we were able to benefit 141 charities. Read the full list, here.

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