Two grants from Petplan Charitable Trust have helped Freshfields Animal Rescue equip a new on-site vet room and purchase a fully-equipped animal ambulance.

freshfields animal rescue logoFreshfields, based in Merseyside, is devoted to the rescue, rehabilitation and rehoming of abused and abandoned pets. Founded 40 years ago, the charity also helps with the rescue and safe release of British wildlife. Their mission is to transform the lives of every animal that passes through its doors, including those who have experienced nothing but cruelty and neglect. It never puts a healthy animal down, even taking on animals rejected by other centres for behavioural or medical problems. Indeed, the charity recently rehomed a dog who had been with the shelter for seven years.

vet at freshfields examines greyhounds eyeEmergency treatment, compassion and care

Freshfields operates 24/7 with four main units covering dogs, cats, small animals and wildlife, and a farm. It is always at full capacity, housing around 550 animals and wild birds at any given time. This includes dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. The centre provides emergency veterinary treatment, compassion and care. The aim is to find a loving home for every animal as soon as possible. They provide longer-term care for the most traumatised and vulnerable animals.

In addition to animal care, Freshfields also runs an active community engagement programme. This involves educating local schools and other groups on responsible pet ownership. They also provide practical advice and follow-up support on how to socialise and care for their animals once they’ve been rehomed.

How we’re helping Freshfields Animal Rescue

We’ve supported Freshfields Animal Rescue with two grants. The first, in 2015, was for £5000 to purchase equipment for the centre’s on-site vet room. In 2018, the charity approached us to help fund a shortfall of £7,497 needed to purchase a new Animal Ambulance. Their need was urgent as the vehicle they were using was no longer fit for purpose after 13 years of continuous use.

The brand new, purpose-built animal ambulance will serve the charity for many years to come. Modern and well-equipped, the vehicle can carry up to eight animals at a time. It has also been fitted with a bespoke modular cage system that gives Freshfields the flexibility to take larger animals.

Vet room infusion pump freshfieldsThanks to the animal ambulance, the charity has been able to reduce its running costs and improve its effectiveness. It has also saved time and resources in taking animals to veterinary surgeries. What’s more, the charity has been able to carry out further neutering work in the local community.

Keeping the wheels turning (literally!)

“Petplan Charitable Trust has been a stalwart supporter of animal rescue services for many years,” says Debbie Hughes of Freshfields Animal Rescue.

“Their understanding of the needs of the charity sector is profound, and is especially important to independent local rescue centres like Freshfields. We are extremely grateful for their assistance in helping us to (literally in this case!) keep the wheels turning as we carry out our life-saving work. Their generous support has been crucial in these very challenging times. We would not have been able to purchase our wonderful Animal Ambulance without it. Thank you again.”

Images show vet room in action with gorgeous dogs Flopsy (now adopted and called Bonnie) and Maple (now adopted; still Maple). The vet room was a crucial part of their rehabilitation and rehoming plan.

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