Rescuing, rehabilitating, rehoming

Based in Ballynoe near Antrim in Northern Ireland and granted charitable status in 1996, Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary is Northern Ireland’s only welfare and rescue organisation for horses and ponies. Dogs, cats, chickens and rabbits are among the smaller animals that also come into its care.

How does it work?

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary rescues and cares for animals in need, including those who are sick, neglected or maltreated. The sanctuary works with vets to assess an animal’s physical and mental condition, before rehabilitating each animal and rehoming them to suitable homes where possible. The charity also works hard to promote animal care education and awareness of animal welfare issues.

How we’re helping

Crosskennan Lane Animal Sanctuary was nominated as a ‘Service Provider’ for the Police Service of Northern Ireland and for the Local Authority’s Animal Welfare Committee. Though a significant achievement for the charity, the overwhelming demand arising from these non-profit contracts placed increasing pressure on their kennel space. The nature of the contracts only allowed the charity to recoup ‘out of pocket’ costs to ensure that animal welfare funding could continue to be allocated directly to caring for animals in need. This meant that the charity lacked the funds to make much-needed improvements to their kennel space to meet this new demand.

Petplan Charitable Trust awarded a grant of £3,000 to the charity, giving them valuable funds towards the renovation and enlargement of their kennel space. This grant was combined with the results of Crosskennan Lane’s own fundraising efforts, along with funding from an initiative called ‘Grow South Antrim’.

The funding from Petplan Charitable Trust was earmarked for purchasing materials for fencing to improve the dog run, along with roofing panels, resin floor paint and the cost of levelling the floors for the renovated kennel building. The end result will improve the living conditions of the dogs in the Sanctuary’s care.

In addition to these renovations, the charity also aimed to develop a clean and safe classroom environment adjacent to the kennels, from which they can run their popular Animal Workshops. This means that suitable dogs from the kennels can be used to help educate future generations of dog owners on all aspects of dog care and responsible ownership. This classroom facility is also invaluable for carrying out vital dog training for those rehoming dogs from the charity. This helps minimise the time each dog is living at the sanctuary, allowing the charity to make optimum use of the new kennel space.


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