Helping sick, injured and homeless pets

Founded in 1897, the Blue Cross is one of the UK’s oldest animal welfare charities. It cares for sick, injured and homeless pets, operating from a nationwide network of rehoming centres and animal hospitals.

blue cross logoHow does it work?

Blue Cross finds loving new homes for abandoned pets including dogs, cats, small animals and horses. The charity also provides veterinary treatment for sick or injured pets when their owners are unable to afford it. Complementing this work, it runs an education programme of free talks and workshops across the country that teach future pet owners about the importance of responsible pet ownership.

How we’re helping

The Petplan Charitable Trust is delighted to be able to offer a grant of £5,000 to support the Blue Cross cat fostering college scheme. The cat fostering scheme started out in 2007 and aims to lessen the strain on the charity’s rehoming centres by outsourcing the rehoming of cats to a network of volunteers. This grant enables the extension of the scheme to include colleges with animal care courses.

The grant has helped to fund purpose-built Blue Cross cat chalets, which are put in colleges to provide a learning opportunity for animal care students at the same time as extending the charity’s rehoming network nationwide. This provides students with hands-on experience of caring for cats and kittens, as well as teaching them about the implications of a ‘rescue’ situation.

This grant is the latest in a number of large grants awarded to Blue Cross by the Petplan Charitable Trust. We have been supporting Blue Cross for 30 years, helping its important work by funding projects such as the rebuilding of its flagship Victoria hospital, a Community Veterinary Nurse Scheme, field shelters for horses at the Rolleston site and volunteer manuals for educating young children in responsible pet ownership.


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