A £5000 grant from Petplan Charitable Trust has enabled Animals in Distress to build a brand new cattery.

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The previous facilities did not provide a good quality of life for the cats in the care of Animals in Distress, as there were just four windows shared between 22 pens. This meant that the feline residents got very little natural light and were unable to see outside.

Now home to nearly 30 cats, the bright new cattery has 24 state-of-the-art pens, which are warm, hygienic and have plenty of places for the cats to perch and climb. Each pen is soundproofed so that cats are not intimidated by their neighbours.

Of the 24 pens, 19 also have an outdoor run, which means that cats can sit outside sunbathing and watching the birds, or interacting with visitors. This stimulus makes them much less susceptible to boredom-related stress, improving their quality of life – particulary beneficial to long-term residents such as Bramley.

New Maternity Ward for expectant cats and their newborn kittens

With the new cattery made possible by the Petplan Charitable Trust grant, the charity has now also been able to refurbish the old cattery facility into a brand new Maternity Ward and Admissions Unit. The building has been completely gutted, structural improvements made and new pens fitted. It will be closed to the public so that the animals get the privacy they need when they’re at their most vulnerable. This new and improved facility will ensure that cats arriving at the Rescue Centre will be met with the same quality surroundings as in the new cattery, as will expectant mother cats and newborn kittens.

Each year, the South Devon-based charity takes in hundreds of cats, dogs, rabbits and other small animals. They provide care, food, shelter and veterinary treatment while they find them new and loving ‘forever homes’. Their policy is never to put an animal to sleep unless a vet has advised it.

As a registered charity, Animals in Distress relies on donations from members of the public and sales from its local charity shops to keep doing this important work.

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