How a PPCT grant helped Benson the Staffie

StreetVet charity helps pets of the homeless

benson the staffie streetvet

When Benson, a Staffordshire bull terrier, suffered a rupture in the cruciate ligament in his right knee, a grant from Petplan Charitable Trust helped to get him back on his feet.

benson the staffordshire bull terrierBenson is a much-loved pet. So, it was heart-breaking for his owner to watch him suffer knowing that he was unable to help him. Not through lack of love, but because his owner is homeless and unable to pay for insurance or surgery.

Luckily for Benson, help was at hand. StreetVet, a charity which supports the homeless and their pets, stepped in. They provided Benson with pain relief to make him comfortable and booked him in for surgery.

After the op, his owner wheeled him around London for six weeks to give his joints time to heal. Then, he was up on his feet again and back to old self.

Petplan Charitable Trust has supported StreetVet with grants totalling £18,000 to help pets like Benson lead a happy and healthy life.

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