PPCT-funded assistance dog Sailor loves doing the washing!

Watch him 'sailing' through the chores

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A Dogs For Good assistance dog whose training was funded by Petplan Charitable Trust has passed his course with flying colours.

Dogs for Good logoSailor is affectionately described by staff at the charity Dogs For Good as a “sweet and occasionally silly” black Labrador. His training has been funded by a £10,000 grant from the Trust. As he settles down to life with his new human partner, you can read about his journey to becoming a life-changing assistance dog in our new case study.

He started his rigorous training as a puppy and is now two years old. Described by his trainer as ‘a dream to train’ he was in high demand, with eleven potential matches. He’s now been matched up with Caroline whose mobility is limited after suffering a spinal stroke eight years ago. Extremely obedient on the lead, this lovable lab is a patient partner for Caroline, never pulling and always ready to help.

Sailor has acquired new skills during lockdown

They are now five months into their partnership and Sailor has already learnt news skills due to the coronavirus lockdown. As Caroline has been spending more time in the garden he has learnt to fetch her trowel and weeding bucket. But, as the video on our case study page shows, his absolute favourite task is emptying and filling the washing machine. In fact, Caroline admits that if she hasn’t specifically asked him to do the job, he finds items that he thinks need washing and does it anyway! It’s clear that he has brought a lot of joy into her life.

“He’s brought back to me bits of my life that I never thought I’d get back,” she says. “He spurs me on to do more and more. I can go where I want, when I want and my confidence is growing every day. Already, we have an incredible bond.”

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