Announcing new Pet Loss Blog by Caroline Hewson MRCVS

Vet and bereavement expert shares her wisdom

older terrier and older tabby cat pet loss blog

Petplan Charitable Trust is delighted to announce the brand new Pet Loss Blog by Caroline Hewson MRCVS.

caroline hewsonThe vet and bereavement expert will be sharing her wisdom and experience in her regular posts on our website.

Caroline Hewson has a PhD in animal behaviour. From 2000 to 2006 she was Research Chair at the Sir James Dunn Animal Welfare Centre, Atlantic Veterinary College, Canada. Returning to the UK, she resumed regular practice. Her chief work now is writing and giving talks that translate research relevant to pets’ end of life into points to keep in mind.

At the Edinburgh Fringe 2018, Caroline co-presented “Never Say Die?” with palliative care doctor Scott Murray. She is currently writing a book for people facing the death of their animal companions.

Euthanasia decision-making, memorialisation and more

The Pet Loss blog will tackle topics such as euthanasia decision-making; factors affecting grief; memorialisation; dealing with prognostic uncertainty and more. Although Caroline cannot comment on individual cases, she would welcome comments about the topics covered in her blog via our facebook and instagram pages.

If you are currently facing – or in the midst of grieving for – the loss of a much-loved animal companion, you may find our Pet Bereavement page helpful. We have gathered together among the best resources on the internet to help support you during this difficult time. These include helpline numbers and useful websites.

We have also started featuring pet owners’ personal bereavement stories on our new Pet Loss Stories page.