Animal Rescue Live viewers donate over half a million pounds to PPCT

141 charities benefit from public's generosity

animal rescue live greyhound trust

Petplan Charitable Trust was delighted to be selected as the nominated charity for Channel 4’s fundraiser, Animal Rescue Live, in August 2019.

But, the Trust had no idea that several months later it would be in a position to award grants to 141 charities totalling well over half a million pounds.

An incredible £548,995 was donated over the course of the 5 days the programme aired. This was further boosted by those who donated under Gift Aid, resulting in a total of £607,317 to donate to worthy causes.

As you can imagine, the awarding committee had a hard job deciding. They felt that, in the spirit of the programme, it was best to spread the funds available widely to help as many charities as possible.

As a consequence, we are delighted to announce that the entire £607,317 will be distributed to a total of 141 charities. No grant was larger than £8,250 and 10% of the charities received the full amount they had asked for.

Covid-19 Update: In light of the Covid-19 pandemic many of the successful charities and shelters are now facing unprecedented financial hardship. As such, Channel 4 and the Petplan Charitable Trust, who administered the fund, have decided to relax the rules on how the money is spent to allow the charities to use the funds for running costs and staffing as this is in the best interests of the animals they care for.

Here is the list in full:

Charity Name Amount Granted
British Hen Welfare Trust £8,625
Angels Small Paws Dog Rescue £8,000
Animal Krackers Limited £8,000
Animals In Distress Torbay £8,000
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home £8,000
Blue Cross £8,000
Danaher Animal Home £8,000
Dogs Trust Islington £8,000
Greyhound Trust £8,000
Margaret Green Animal Rescu £8,000
Newcastle Dog & Cat Shelter £8,000
People For Animal Care Trust £8,000
Rain Rescue £8,000
Raystede £8,000
Scottish S P C A £8,000
The Animal Rescue Charity £8,000
The Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary £8,000
The Scratching Post £8,000
Thornberry Animal Sanctuary £8,000
Abandoned Animals Association £8,000
Hope Rescue £7,600
Cheltenham Animal Shelter £6,800
B.A.R.K. £6,400
The Mayhew Animal Home £6,400
Cheshire Dogs Home £6,125
Alexa’S Animals £6,111
RSPCA Radcliffe Trust £6,000
Borders Pet Rescue £6,000
Broken Biscuits £6,000
Celia Hammond Animal Trust £6,000
Dbarc £6,000
Ferne Animal Sanctuary £6,000
Friends Of Animals League £6,000
Happy Endings £6,000
Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary £6,000
K9 Crusaders Dog Welfare £6,000
Lincolnshire Greyhound Trust £6,000
Oldham Cats £6,000
Spirit Of The Dog £6,000
Wadars £6,000
Wood Green, The Animals Charity £6,000
Cats Protection Head Office Bsu £6,000
Caring For Cats Yorkshire And Humber £6,000
Mayflower Sanctuary £5,016
Leicester Animal Aid Assoc. £5,000
All Creatures Great & Small Animal Sanctuary £4,250
Animals In Need Maxicare Death Row Dogs £4,250
Assisi Animal Sanctuary £4,250
Benvardin Animal Rescue Kennels £4,250
Carla Lane Animals In Need £4,250
Cats R Us £4,250
Coventry Cat Group £4,250
Dogs Friends £4,250
Forever Hounds Trust £4,250
Freshfields Animal Rescue £4,250
Gables Farm Dogs & Cats Home £4,250
Hector’S Greyhound Rescue £4,250
Huddersfield Feral And Strays £4,250
Jerry Green Dog Rescue Centre £4,250
National Animal Welfare Trust £4,250
National Animal Welfare Trust £4,250
National Animal Welfare Trust £4,250
National Animal Welfare Trust £4,250
Oak Tree Animals’ Charity £4,250
Romney House Cat Rescue £4,250
RSPCA – Cornwall Branch £4,250
RSPCA – Doncaster £4,250
RSPCA Bristol Branch £4,250
RSPCA Burton Upon Trent And District Branch £4,250
RSPCAClwyd and Colwyn Branch £4,250
RSPCACoventry, Nuneaton & District Branch £4,250
RSPCA Crewe Nantwich And District Branch £4,250
RSPCA Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford And District Branch £4,250
RSPCA Hull & East Riding Branch £4,250
RSPCA Solent Branch £4,250
RSPCA Southport Birkdale £4,250
RSPCA Swansea £4,250
RSPCA Warrington, Halton And St Helens £4,250
RSPCA Worcester & Mid-Worcestershire Branch £4,250
Society For Abandoned Animals £4,250
St Giles Animal Rescue £4,250
Stray Aid Ltd £4,250
The Animal Sanctuary £4,250
The Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home £4,250
The Rabbit Residence Rescue £4,250
Wirral Animal Welfare Association £4,250
Yorkshire Cat Rescue £4,250
Heatons Animal Rescue Group £4,000
Tia Greyhound & Lurcher Rescue £4,000
Cats Protection Head Office Bsu £3,640
Birmingham Dogs Home Fundraising £3,600
Greyhound Trust £3,600
Hull Animal Welfare Trust £3,600
RSPCA Leeds And Wakefield £3,600
MK Cat Rescue £3,500
Daybreaks Trust £3,250
Cats Protection £3,000
Cats Protection Head Office Bsu £3,000
Happy Landings Animal Shelter £3,000
The Sheffield Cat Shelter £3,000
Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter £3,000
4 Paws Cat Rescue £2,500
B.A.R.K.S. £2,500
Catflap £2,500
Evermore Dog Rescue £2,500
German Shepherd Rescue Elite £2,500
Grovehill Animal Trust £2,500
K9 Focus Dog Rescue £2,500
Millhouse Animal Sanctuary £2,500
New Start Cat Rescue £2,500
Pawprints Dog Rescue £2,500
Second Chance Animal Rescue £2,500
Warrington Animal Welfare £2,500
All Bullie Rescue £2,000
Animal Care Morecambe & Dist. £1,930
Bath Cats And Dogs Home £2,000
Bransby Horses £2,000
Cats Protection £2,000
Rehoming Animal Telephone Service (Rats) £1,750
Stockenchurch Dog Rescue £1,500
RSPCA Manchester & Salford Branch £1,380
Animals Of Hope £1,250
Asap Cat Rescue £1,250
Bulldog Rescue & Re Homing £1,250
Cats Protection Head Office Bsu £1,250
Consett Cat Rescue £1,250
English Springer Spaniel Welfare Charity £1,250
Fairly Beloved Rabbit Care £1,250
Happycats Rescue £1,250
Harley’S Hounds Dog Rescue £1,250
Here For Cats £1,250
Just Springers Rescue £1,250
Kitten Karers £1,250
Northern Greyhound Rescue £1,250
Our Special Friends Limited £1,250
S.A.R.A.  Saving And Re-homing Animals. £1,250
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rescue £1,250
Woodlands Animal Sanctuary £1,250
Cats Protection Head Office Bsu £1,200
The Cat & Rabbit Rescue Centre £1,200
Stopford Cat Rescue £740