A farewell poem to ‘Major’ by his homeless owner

StreetVet provides support at beloved dog's end of life

major the akita streetvet

StreetVet is a charity that brings veterinary support to dogs owned by the homeless. The Trust has been a long-term supporter of their vital work.

portrait of akita dog majorRecently, StreetVet was there for a homeless man, Alex, when his beloved akita, Major, came to the end of his life.

‘Whenever one of our patients passes away, we offer to have their ashes returned to their owner in a scatter tube,’ explains Gabriel from StreetVet. ‘We also have a pet portrait drawn, which we can laminate if the owner cannot hang it in a frame.’

Below is a special poem that Alex rote for his akita, Major. We are extremely grateful to him for sharing it with us.


A few words for “Major” in his Loving Memory, 1-8-2007 – 6-17-2019.

‘Loving you always Little Bear’



Only the “Good” Die Young
You were so special
My majestic friend
Your eyes so special
Many characters they had
It was a privilege and
Honour to know you!

You were the candy
Of my eyes
Your heart so pure
My “Gentle Giant”
It filled me with
Sweetness and Love.

Missing your snuggles and kisses
Miss everything about you,
Our walks and even your pisses 🙂
You meant the world to me,
Your spirit is in my soul.

Those big brown eyes that
Sparkled like the stars above
I shall see again, when
We meet on the other side,
When forever, together,
We will finally be.


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