Month: June 2022

Ethiopia water project ‘shines a light’ on the lives of working donkeys and their owners

Amina with one of her working donkeys in Ethiopia

A Brooke Ethiopia project to provide safe drinking water for working donkeys and other equines has been completed.

brooke logoPreviously, women such as Amina, and her working donkeys, Kadami and Bula, had to travel long distances to find water (fetching water is traditionally the job of women and children). Amina lives in the Wilo district of the west Azenet berbere woreda. Her household consists of six family members. Amina is 35 years old and her family’s main income source comes from subsistence farming.

“The contribution of my donkey, Kadami for my family is quiet incredible,” explains Amina, “I wish our mothers and fathers and foremothers, who passed away while suffering from water problems for their whole life, could wake up for a while and see this spectacular change we are currently witnessing. I am feeling like I was born again.”

Thanks to the generosity of animal lovers, Petplan Charitable Trust donated £10,000 to support the project. The whole community is feeling the benefits.

‘This project is shining a light in our lives’

“I have already started to observe changes in the health of my children,” says Amina. “They used to suffer from recurrent diarrhoea and also some children in the community have passed away due to waterborne diseases. Girls used to miss their classes in schools as they had to travel long distance to fetch water. Now we are blessed.

working donkeys drink from safe water trough in Ethiopia“I am very grateful to Brooke Ethiopia for coming to rescue us from the ordeals we, especially women and children, used to live with and thanks Brooke once again for coming up with this project which has already started shining a light in our lives and the lives of our equines and animals in general.”

As planned, the project is now providing safe drinking water to 1,520 households, 3,265 equines and 12,532 livestock.

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PPCT supports EDHC’s Canine First Aid programme

EDHC staff demonstrates canine first aid

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home (EDHC) has been awarded £5,000 towards their recently launched Canine First Aid initiative.

Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home logoCanine First Aid is designed to equip pet owners with skills to identify illness and administer emergency first aid to dogs.

“As part of our mission of supporting pet owners in the community, we want to offer a free, basic canine care version of this course to members of our community,” explains Karlyn Robertson, EDHC’s Development Manager.

“Often, pets arrive at our doors with illnesses or injuries that have been left untreated and so, worsened. We often see pet owners surrender their pets due to unaffordable vet bills, despite them living in loving homes.”

EDHC has a long history of helping dogs in the city. The home was set up back in 1884 when a local businessman and a doctor sought to give growing numbers of stray dogs a second chance. Today, the charity works with the Police, Council and the wider community to rescue abandoned pets and also reunite lost pets with their owners.

“Funding towards the launch of this project will allow us to start equipping pet owners with the basic skills needed to identify injury or illness at the earliest stage, increasing animal welfare standards and reducing the likelihood of unaffordable vet bills,” adds Robertson.

“We are incredibly grateful to have been awarded grant of £5,000 towards this project.”

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