Month: June 2021

PPCT helps fund ground-breaking adoption centre at Cats Protection Exeter

close up of a young black and white cat

Building works are due to start on a brand new adoption centre at Cats Protection Exeter.

cats protection exeter logoPetplan Charitable Trust (PPCT) made a donation towards the adoption centre which is set to be the most progressive among the charity’s 37 centres.

There will be 65 pens where cats will receive day-to-day care, plus 16 maternity and isolation pens. The pens will provide temporary accommodation for around 750 cats a year.

It’s not just the cats that will benefit from the new facilities. Volunteers and staff will be able to enjoy improved working areas. The centre will also provide an improved adopter experience with better accessibility and more parking. These measures should see animals spending less time in care before moving on to their new forever homes.

The build has been funded by a bequest from the charity’s ex-Chairman Philip Wood, legacies from the charity’s Exeter and East Devon Branches as well as the donation from Petplan Charitable Trust.

“This is an extremely exciting time for us,” says Mark Magee, Manager, Cats Protection Exeter. “The rebuild has been planned for a long time and it is truly wonderful to have reached this first milestone. We are especially grateful for the legacies and donations which have made it possible and we are looking forward to honouring each of our kind donors whose generosity will have a lasting impact on cat welfare in Devon.

“The new centre will make a huge difference to cats, volunteers, staff and adopters alike. From the moment a cat arrives in care to the moment they go home, our trailblazing new centre will create the best possible experience for all involved. We’re thrilled that our centre has been chosen to be the first example a new kind of Cats Protection centre, uniting all the very best aspects of centres built to this point, shaping cat care not only locally but across the UK.”

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PPCT donates £5000 towards new vet practice at Cardiff Dogs Home

Girl with red hair and rescue dog Emily at Cardiff Dogs Home

Petplan Charitable Trust has donated £5000 towards a brand new veterinary care centre at Cardiff Dogs Home (CDH).

The practice will provide on-site care for CDC’s rescue animals as well as offering affordable basic vet care and neutering to pets in the local community.

“We are over the moon to have received an extremely generous donation of £5,000 from PetPlan towards building a veterinary practice on-site at Cardiff Dogs Home,” says Toria Acreman, Trustee (main image, pictured with canine friend Emily).

“Not only will the practice mean our resident dogs have access to high quality veterinary care when they need it but we will be able to open the service up to pet owners in the local community to offer affordable basic healthcare and neutering. This donation will have benefit so many dogs for years to come and we are are grateful for PetPlan’s support.”

Having a veterinary centre on-site means that dogs coming to the home can be health-checked as soon as possible. Until now, it could take up to a week for this to happen. Other benefits include prompt vaccinations, as well as the ability to treat any conditions the dogs might arrive with.

a collage of Cardiff Dogs Home trustees each hugging a dog

Cardiff Dogs Home, The Rescue Hotel trustees L-R Toria, Fraser, Matt, Greta, Alex

CDC takes in a large number of ex-breeding French Bulldogs

Neutering is a really important part of the work they do. CDC takes in a large number of French Bulldogs that have been used for breeding. The puppies are highly sought after and therefore valuable to breeders, so it’s critical that the rescue dogs are neutered so cannot be used for breeding once they leave the home.

Cardiff Dogs Home is council-run and, as such, is only required to provide basic care and vet services. The facility has 44 kennels with the the capacity to take in 1000 dogs a year. In 2019, The Rescue Hotel was set up to help support the work of the CDH with funding, items and services. The Rescue Hotel gained charitable status in April 2020.

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Our Special Friends helps fund urgent operation for rescue dog Shelly

Sean and rescue dog Shelly Our Special Friends

When you see Sean and Shelly together, it’s hard to say who rescued who.

OUr Special Friends OSF logoWhen rescue dog Shelly came into Sean’s life, he was unable to work owing to mental ill health. Suffering from anxiety and depression, he rarely ventured outside. Looking at him now, it’s clear that Shelly has transformed his life. They go out together on walks in the forest near his home and have made friends with other dog walkers. Sean’s mental health has improved and he has even been able to reduce his medication.

But, this was all put into jeopardy when Shelly injured her leg while playing with another dog. Find out what happened, here.

Founded by Dr Belinda Johnston, Our Special Friends provides practical support to vulnerable people in challenging circumstances. This could take the form of financial assistance with veterinary bills to providing animal companionship. Petplan Charitable Trust has supported the charity from its inception with a number of grants.

“We are truly grateful to the Petplan Charitable Trust for your generous grant of £5,000 to Our Special Friends towards our Animal Welfare Support Fund,” says Johnston.

“Over the last year we have used the fund to contribute towards the costs of veterinary and non-veterinary care of pets where owners are facing financial difficulty. In 2020, we contributed to 34 cases, with a total of 31 dogs and 7 cats benefiting from the Fund as some cases included more than one pet. We find that when we offer part-funding of the treatment, clients are profoundly grateful and are often able to take responsibility for the remaining costs. In several cases the animals would not have received the necessary care without our intervention.”

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