Month: January 2021

PPCT grant supports new Dogs Trust rescue facility in Wales

dogs trust wales banner

A brand new Dogs Trust rescue centre in Wales has received funding from Petplan Charitable Trust (PPCT).

dogs trust logoDogs Trust Cardiff is currently under construction and is expected to be completed in April 2021. The PPCT donation will pay for one of the smart new kennels in the booked kennels block. The block (below right) will provide accommodation for dogs ready to join their new owners. These animals will also have exlusive access to their very own outdoor spaces.

The new site will feature a whole range of facilities including a hydrotherapy suite, various exercise enclosures and an area especially for puppies.

Dogs with more complex needs are also being catered for.aerial view of booked kennels block at Dogs Trust Cardiff They will have access to four rehabilitation kennels with individual compounds and runs for dogs that need more space. This will allow the charity’s specialist staff to work with those animals in situ.

Further facilities are set to include a laundry room, food preparation area, a grooming room and training rooms.

Read more about the new Dogs Trust facility in South Wales here

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Thieves continue to target dogs and puppies as prices soar

cocker spaniel in crate looks sad - dog theft

The surge in dog theft seen last year looks set to continue in 2021.

The Trust is urging pet owners to remain vigilant during this latest lockdown and beyond. Back in October, the BBC reported that 2019 was the ‘worst ever’ year for dog theft. The figures make for depressing reading. The number of dogs being stolen is reported to have risen 250% since the start of the pandemic. This escalation is being linked to the boom in demand for companion pets when people were furloughed or began working from home. In turn, this has pushed up prices, attracting thieves keen to capitalise on what has become a very lucrative market.

Many adult females are believed to be targeted for breeding stock on puppy farms. Puppies of some breeds have more than doubled in value. While the majority of thieves target kennels, there are numerous accounts of individual dogs being stolen from gardens, or even snatched when out walking with their owner. Thieves are also increasingly using violence.

The RSPCA advises owners to take extra precautions to deter dog theft including insuring their pets are neutered, microchipped and wear a collar with contact details. Owners are also being urged to ensure gardens are secure and to avoid leaving their dogs unattended.

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PPCT grant helps injured and retired greyhounds in Wales

hector greyhound rescue wales

A PPCT grant has enabled Greyhound Rescue Wales to save and rehabilitate dogs whose lives were at risk.

greyhound rescue logo walesBased in South Wales, the greyhound rescue charity steps in when racing dogs are retired or injured on the track.

This means that greyhounds who retire from and/or suffer career ending, dire injuries while racing at the remaining independent track in Wales (Valley Stadium), can be rescued and given the chance of a new life as a family pet.

Hector (main image) came into the care of Greyhound Rescue Wales in July 2019 after a serious fall whilst racing. He required treatment at the track initially and then at the veterinary surgery. Hector needed a plate inserted to stabilise his foreleg fracture. According to the charity, fees for Hector’s treatment were £6,619.22.

three rescued greyhounds with missing legsHector’s rescue was part of an initiative the charity set up in 2004 called the Last Hope Fund. The scheme was established after a greyhound ‘Last Hope’ was found on a mountainside in South Wales. The dog had been shot through the head with a bolt gun and had had his ears removed to hinder identification. Greyhound Rescue Wales worked with the police and RSPCA Cymru to identify the greyhound and his owner who was successfully prosecuted.

Collaborating with Hope Rescue to save greyhounds

Another charity that PPCT supports, Hope Rescue, has collaborated closely with GRW for over 16 years. Both based in South Wales, they support each other’s work whenever possible. GRW are part of the “Cross-Rescue Greyhound Partnership” led by Hope Rescue. Volunteers attend as many race meetings as possible to collect greyhounds retired by their trainers. The dogs are accommodated in their rescue centre until they may be transferred to partner rescues.

Battersea Dogs and Cats Home is also a key partner in this project and has accepted numbers of greyhounds originating from Valley Stadium, as have Dogs Trust, Blue Cross, Forever Hounds Trust and Gables Farm.

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