What our charity partners say about us

Here are just some of many messages we regularly receive from our charity partners. Every one of the Trust’s generous donors should take these thank-yous to heart because, without you, none of this crucial work would be possible. These messages show that by pooling thousands of small donations we can all make a big difference. 

Help us continue this vital work to promote the health and welfare of animals across the UK and overseas.

RSPCA Mid Norfolk/North Suffolk

PPCT has donated £3,000 to RSPCA Mid Norfolk/North Suffolk to support their Feral Friends project. “This grant will help us to buy much needed equipment for our Feral Friends project,” says Kate Morgan. “This includes everything from traps to crush cages and cage covers, to ensure that the animal’s welfare is maintained at all times. The 2023 Trap, Neuter and Release programme is well underway. “These additional funds mean we’ll be able to visit more colonies throughout our branch area and prevent the spread of disease.” RSPCA Mid Norfolk/North Suffolk provides a number of services to the local community including… Read more »

Borders Pet Rescue

PPCT has donated £5,000 to Scottish animal welfare charity Borders Pet Rescue. The funding will help create new exercise areas for dogs as part of the charity’s Kennel Project. “The grant has enabled us to create three separate exercise areas for the dogs in our care. This allows us now to have more than one dog out a time,” explains Gemma at Borders Pet Rescue. “The three areas have all been created to provide a different experience. We have one smaller run which will be utilised for training and teaching commands etc with no distractions. “A second run which incorporates… Read more »

RSPCA West Norfolk

PPCT has donated £5,000 towards fitting out the new Electric Animal Ambulance at RSPCA West Norfolk. “The back of the new ambulance needs to be made waterproof so that we can washed down with disinfectant,” explains General Manager at RSPCA West Norfolk, Carl Saunders. “We also need to have purpose-made pens for the dogs so that they are completely segregated from cats and other small mammals we may be transporting. This grant means we don’t have to use our funds that can be spent on more important costs, like our vet bill, which has doubled in the last six months.… Read more »

RSPCA Canterbury

PPCT has awarded £4864 to RSPCA Canterbury and District Branch to support their low-cost cat neutering service. “The RSPCA Canterbury and District Branch are thrilled to receive this critical funding from Petplan Charitable Trust,’ says Natalie Archer. “The charity will now be able to deliver vital low cost neutering days in the most deprived areas of East Kent, enabling people in the community who are struggling with rising costs at home or are supported by benefits to be able to neuter or spay their cat or kitten for a small donation. “Neutering your pet is a positive prevention method, helping… Read more »

Greyhound Rescue Wales

Thanks to animal lovers like you, PPCT has been able to donate £10,000 to Greyhound Rescue Wales. The funds will help Greyhound Rescue Wales acquire a much-needed new animal ambulance. “With the changing world of rescue and the added pressures of the Cost of Living Crisis and the puppy pandemic boom, it quickly became obvious that some of our facilities were no longer able to meet the needs of the animals coming into our care,” explains Katie Murrell, Income Generation Manager at Greyhound Rescue Wales. “Our old van could only accommodate two dogs at a time (assuming they both got… Read more »


“RSPCA Llys Nini is absolutely delighted to receive a £5000 grant from Petplan Charitable Trust.” “This grant will be used towards the cost of a new covered dog run,” says Sally Hyman MBE, Chair, RSPCA Llys Nini. “It is a very difficult time for rescue centres like Llys Nini at the moment. The financial crisis means that more and more people are wanting to give up their animals and donations are falling. “The covered run will mean that volunteers and dogs will be able to walk even on rainy days without getting soaked through and muddy. It will also be a… Read more »


Petplan Charitable Trust has awarded £3000 to the Himalayan Animal Rescue Trust (HART). Based in Nepal, HART works tirelessly to provide medical care to the many dogs and cats that roam free in the towns and villages. The grant will support the charity’s work to change local attitudes to street animals. Already, educating people about animal welfare is having a positive impact on their treatment and wellbeing. “The campaign will lead to more care and respect for street animals,”  explains Barbara Webb. “There will be less abandonment of pets when they grow old or ill. More people will take responsibility… Read more »

Medical Detection Dogs

PPCT has announced a £10,000 grant to Medical Detection Dogs. Medical Detection Dogs harnesses the potent combination of a dog’s intelligence and its powerful sense of smell to provide early detection of diseases such as cancer. This work was originally inspired by the personal experience of the charity’s CEO Claire Guest, whose dog Daisy detected Guest’s own breast cancer. Daisy’s insistent nudging of Guest’s breast prompted her to visit her GP. She was subsequently diagnosed with a deep and hard to detect form of the disease. There is no doubt in Guest’s mind that early intervention thanks to Daisy’s actions… Read more »

The Cat Welfare Group

The Cat Welfare Group has secured a £5000 grant from PPCT to support their neutering programme. Based on the south coast in Fareham, Cat Welfare Group relies largely on volunteers. The charity rescues stray and abandoned cats and kittens with the intention of finding them loving forever homes. Feral cats are given medical attention where needed and neutered before returning them to their original home where possible. “Thank you SO much for the grant, we are totally blown away!” says Tracy Howe, the charity’s Operations Director. “This will enable us to help neuter many cats/kittens in need. “It is estimated… Read more »

Dogs For Autism

Dogs For Autism, a charity that provides assistance dogs for autistic people of all ages, has been awarded £6,000 by Petplan Charitable Trust. The grant will provide essential flea and worm prevention for animals training to become Dogs For Autism assistance dogs. “Dogs for Autism are very grateful to PPCT for their generous donation,” says Jan Kiley, the charity’s Chief Operating Officer . “We take our welfare responsibilities seriously and this grant will fund flea and worm prevention for our trainee assistance dogs for a year, enabling our dogs to be happy and healthy on their journey towards changing lives… Read more »

Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home

Petplan Charitable Trust has awarded Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home a grant of £5,000 to help with vet bills. Cotswolds Dogs and Cats Home is one of thirty-two charities to receive funds in our 2023 round of welfare grants. These grants are made possible thanks to Petplan customers and donations from animal lovers. In recent months, the cost-of-living crisis has put particular pressure on animal charities. “In these unprecedented times, more and more pet owners are turning to us for support as they can’t afford basic vet care for their pets,” explains Jane Ellis, Fundraising Manager at the charity. “Petplan Charitable… Read more »


This year, Petplan Charitable Trust is delighted to award a £20,000 grant to Mayhew animal home. Based in London, Mayhew animal home provides rescue, rehoming, vaccination and vet services to communities at home and abroad. The Trust has been a long-term supporter of the charity’s many projects including the rehabilitation of dogs from suspected puppy farms. “Mayhew are so grateful to have received a grant from PetPlan Charitable Trust towards a Canine Behaviourist and Training Advisor position,” says Gayle Kelly, the charity’s Fundraising Development Manager. “This funding means that we can employ a dedicated in-house Behaviourist which will provide invaluable… Read more »

Dogs Trust

Animal Welfare charities are experiencing unprecedented calls for help as a result of the cost-of-living crisis. According to Karolina Kovács, Trusts and Foundations Manager at Dogs Trust, calls have doubled compared to last year: “Our contact centre received over 2,000 handover request calls in the first 12 days of January this year; in the same period of 2022, we received just over 1,000 calls.” To help support struggling pet owners, the charity set up a Temporary Relief Fund and applied to Petplan Charitable Trust for a grant. We were delighted to donate £10,000. “Thank you for your kind donation to… Read more »

Calvert Trust Exmoor

Thank you for donating £6000 to Calvert Trust Exmoor. “Calvert Trust Exmoor provides vital therapy to over 4,000 disabled adults and children every year. Through our programme of outdoor accessible activities, we see first hand the powerful, positive impact equine assisted therapy can have,” explains Sally Atkinson, the charity’s Fundraising and Marketing Manager. “We welcome people of all ages with all disabilities to spend time with our horses, groom them, learn how to care for them, ride and even carriage drive through the beautiful Devon countryside. “While our horses are kept outdoors all year round, the stable block, tack room… Read more »

Aireworth Dogs in Need

Thank you Petplan Charitable Trust for awarding £2500 to Aireworth Dogs in Need. “The long-term foster (LTF) side of our rescue has often been less well known, but our team recognised this is something we need to be shouting about,” says Robyn Stansfield, Charity Secretary at Aireworth Dogs in Need. “We’re enormously proud of being able to support dogs with health conditions or elderly dogs who often get very overlooked when it comes to adoption through our Long-Term Foster Friends project. “We’re also pleased that this scheme allows for people in different circumstances to have a dog. An example would… Read more »

World Horse Welfare

“World Horse Welfare is very grateful to Petplan Charitable Trust for funding our new weighbridge and would like to say a huge thank you. “Our weighbridge is an absolutely invaluable piece of equipment at our Rescue and Rehoming Centre, Glenda Spooner Farm in Somerset. “Frequently horses arrive either terribly underweight or obese. Each of our horses and ponies undergoes a tailor-made rehabilitation plan and accurately monitoring and recording body weight is a critical part of tracking their progress,” explains Eleanor Stourton, Major Donor Officer, Trusts at World Horse Welfare. “The data the weighbridge allows us to gather enables us to… Read more »

Ebony Horse Club

“Thank you Petplan Charitable Trust for giving Ebony Horse Club a grant of £15,000.” “The grant will help Ebony Horse Club work with around 25 young volunteers every week. They will learn industry standard horse care skills which will help them to find work in the equine industry but also increase their knowledge of how to care for animals. They will also develop key life skills such as empathy and responsibility which will help them treat all other living beings, both human and animal with more care. “Thank you so much for your generosity, we are so grateful for this… Read more »

Stray Aid

PPCT awards £5000 to Stray Aid to help with veterinary costs. “A combination of Brexit and Covid has found our area very short of veterinary surgeons, and our projected veterinary costs are alarmingly high,” explains Sue Bielby, Veterinary Director & Founder Member at Stray Aid. “Receiving this grant from Petplan Charitable Trust will help us meet those extra costs and continue to help the vulnerable dogs and cats in our care. We are very grateful to you for your support.” Based in North East England, Stray Aid was set up by Sue and her husband John back in 2006. They… Read more »

Bodmin Moorland Pony Rehabilitation

“Thank you for your generous support of Bodmin Moorland Pony Rehabilitation with a grant of £4,000 to help make our holding storm and winter proof. “The grant will help us to rectify some of the damage caused by the extreme storm conditions of the Autumn and Winter here, and make our holding happier and safer for our ponies,” says Bodmin Moorland Pony founder, Imogen Holt. The charity is a small family-run welfare and rehabilitation centre near Bodmin, Cornwall. They rescue at-risk feral hill ponies with the aim of rehoming them to loving homes. Bringing them back to health involves costly… Read more »

Animals Asia

“Thank you so much for your generous donation of £7,500 to Animals Asia. “The funding has helped the work of Animals Asia to improve cat and dog welfare in China and Hong Kong this year. What we have achieved would not have been possible without the wonderful support of the Trust. “Your support helps us work towards a future where attitudes towards cats and dogs are changed and that they are respected and loved. Every day your support makes a difference… this is kindness in action,” says Laurel Hodgkinson, Global Partnership Manager. With pet ownership in China growing, Animals Asia… Read more »

Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter

“Thank you to Petplan Charitable Trust for your grant of £8000 to Worcestershire Animal Rescue Shelter. “A couple of years ago we knew that the shelter needed a fully enclosed playpen for our new intake dogs. These play pens would be used to temperament test the dogs sufficiently, before moving them over to main block and letting their journey begin. “These play pens have been essential to this process. They are easy to clean, very versatile for different uses and suitable for all weather types. Thank you to PPCT who provided us with the funds to improve the shelter.” Chris… Read more »