Improving prospects for the gentle greyhound

At Petplan Charitable Trust, we receive more requests for funding from greyhound rescue organisations than for any other breed.

That’s because once their racing career is over, these working dogs often aren’t cared for by the greyhound racing industry that has made money from them. Numerous dedicated greyhound charities take in these abandoned dogs and work hard to place them in suitable homes, enabling them to live out their retirement in a happy and stable family environment.

The unique challenges of caring for a greyhound

Charities that rehome retired racing greyhounds have a bigger challenge in front of them than those representing other dog breeds. Though an extremely gentle breed, greyhounds often aren’t considered an ideal family pet. They’ve been trained to chase after small furry objects, and so can be difficult to handle when they spot something they want to chase, like a rabbit or cat. What’s more, because they’ve been working dogs, many have not brought up in a home environment, so may not be used to being around young children. Some may not even be house trained.

All this means that greyhounds can be challenging to rehome. Charities that seek to rehome greyhounds must carefully assess the dog’s temperament and any behavioural difficulties. In some cases, the greyhound may require a certain amount of retraining before being considered suitable for rehoming. The rescue charity also needs to make thorough checks to ensure that a home and family is suited to rehoming a greyhound. This takes time and usually relies on the hard work of volunteers.

How we’re helping

At the Petplan Charitable Trust, we are working with greyhound welfare groups to improve prospects for greyhounds, putting pressure on the Government to make important changes to the Welfare of Racing Greyhounds Regulations 2010. In addition to this, we are pleased to be able to help struggling greyhound rescue charities, supporting their work in rehoming retired greyhounds. Some of the greyhound charities we’ve supported through grants include:

  1. Celia Cross Greyhound Trust
  2. Greyhound Rescue West of England
  3. Retired Greyhound Trust
  4. Greyhound Welfare
  5. Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare
  6. Greyhound Welfare and Rescue
  7. Greyhound Scotland
  8. DAWGS


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